An epic competition between (1) rival porn collections or (2) rival pornography artists; Derived from the words "Porn" and "Tournament".

Specific contests can include (for type 1, porn collections) comparisons of size, deviancy, quality and variety. For type 2 (rival porn stars) contests can include comparisons of size, deviancy, endurance, creativity, flexibility, precision and/or ability to induce a knockout blow.
(1) Ronnie was confident his years of porno collection could beat anyone; therefore he challenged his friends to a pornament.

(2) The rivalry between Jenna Jameson and Briana Banks was so intense it could best be described as a "pornament".
by Nick Vino December 24, 2008
Top Definition
noun: a pornographic Christmas ornament.
Somehow, Rodney's Christmas tree, decked out in garish purple lights and Mrs. Santa pornaments, failed to convey the solemnity and dignity of this holiest of days.
by Katie Oh! December 04, 2006
Pornographic Christmas tree ornaments depicting beloved seasonal figures in sexual positions, aka SantaBalls
Oh my god, will you look at that pornament! I always suspected Mrs. Claus had a thing for Rudolph and those elves. Now we really know why Rudolph's nose is always so bright at night!
by Springbreaker December 20, 2006
any small nick-nak or ornament that has a sexual resemblance.
oh thats a nice pornament you have on your mantle piece
by grammar-chiefs July 01, 2011
1. pornographic ornament, as previously stated.

2. A tournament that consists of pornographic events. Not as seasonal as the previous definition.
Guy #1: "He man! You tryin' to watch the big game tonight??"

Guy #2: "Nah... I'm watching the Pornament!!!"

Guy#1: "Ah-hall right!"
by berthabear27 December 21, 2009
A contest between couples to determine who can most accurately duplicate scenes from any arbitrary XXX film. The pornament is usually judged by an unbiased third party.
Dick and Jane's morning yoga class really payed off by enabling them to take first prize in the neighborhood pornament.
by Godspan December 15, 2009
Adj.: A type of tattoo that is adult or pornographic in nature.
Bob just got a pornament tattoo of his wife. It features her large, saggy breasts and a shaved vagina.
by Pejuta December 15, 2009
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