Multi-monitored porn experience. Specifically one involving 3 or more computer monitors all with multiple videos, photos, sites, ect open at once.
The man with four computer monitors was doing the pornado "before it was cool,".
by srush2794 July 03, 2013
Top Definition
A tornado of porn adds that bombards your system after viewing pornography or being lured into an enticing 'Grand Prize Winner' add.
Dude! Yesterday I was on myspace and there was this little window that said I won a car. So I clicked on it and totally got swept into a pornado, and then my mom came in!!

It so blew major chunks...
by foxiemoxie123 September 22, 2008
A e-mail declaring a fake prize that actually triggers a massive amount of child porn pop-ups that only get worse as you try to stop it.
I opened an e-mail labelled "Free Trip To Hawaii" when a pornado took over my PC.
by Rida May 29, 2006
suddenly receiving an excessive amount of unsolicited pornographic spam email that when you try to delete opens a ton more porn sites
A pornado hit me as my wife was walking by my computer.
by Quilll January 25, 2010
used to describe a seemingly endless stream of pop-up windows appearing on ones computer screen while looking at pornographic websites<p>background: uh.....
I almost got busted by my boss at work for looking at porn. I had to turn off my computer off because I got swept off in a fucking pornado!
by devon April 08, 2004
Clicking a website link and having pop ups for porn sites start to flow like a storm!
Wow! My computer just got hit with a pornado
by Markhal April 10, 2014
When one searches the internet for porn to the point where a virus is acquired and the said virus then proceeds to spam your computer with popups that are nearly impossible to get rid of.
"Yesterday when I turned my computer on I got hit by a catastrophic pornado"


"That was an F5 pornado!"
by FluffyRR November 20, 2008
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