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From ye olde England times; a Porl is a Leigh-th young man, fluent in the art of piss-taking and female-baiting. Knows far too much about films and not enough about anything else.

Frequently followed by insults.
Porl you are a fucking loser

I fucking hate Porl

Hey Porl

by Paul Reynolds July 28, 2004
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Verb: Porl. Definition: Lying in the pursuit of social acceptance. The word covers everything between the act of exagerating the truth to straight out lying in the pursuit of social acceptance amongst peers and seniors.
'It was sad as he felt the need to porl'
'Give it a rest your just porling now!'
by Larkeson June 11, 2007
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Changing so dramatically from what you were known to be. A complete metamorphasis- usually the change is for the worse.
You were a health freak, now you all porled- eatin nothing bust fast food and hating to exercise!
by ken March 29, 2005
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A state of mind, achieved through various methods such as contemplating the legitimacy of gravity, resulting in visions of space bunnies and anti-gravity spirits. To do a Porl is to communicate with said space bunnies via telepathic means, and to be informed the world will end within 30 days.
"See, the spirits grab the object being dropped, then throw it down, thus giving the illusion of 'gravity'."
"Shut up, Porl."
by Legend Killer October 23, 2004
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