Your manhood looks like a snorkel when receiving a BJ. Created when the girl takes one of your balls in her mouth having the shaft run up one or the other side of her face representing a snorkel.
My girl was diving on me and gave me the Pork Snorkel.
by JR538 June 16, 2009
Top Definition
dick (i.e. penis)
Larry told Chip to slide his porksnorkel into and out of his poop tube. Seems they are gay.
by Dr. Meatsword Butterpants III August 29, 2013
The act of providing oral resuscitation services to a male's bologna pony, while submerged underwater.
1) "Leah really pork snorkeled Mike in the hot-tub last night", said Ryan.

2) Kirstin has no gag reflex. She was able to pork snorkel Larry's stinky pickle for 30 seconds before surfacing for air!
by BaconAteHer December 07, 2012
Taking the Arabian Goggles to the next level. Arabian Goggles you place your balls into the eye sockets. You then go one step further and insert your dick into the mouth. Then you have a PORK SNORKEL.
Dude! Last night, I totally gave this chick a pork snorkel.
by By All Means February 17, 2011
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