Porke is a word that has evolved over time. Initially, it was meant to be a play off of pork, and mean rotund. But as time progresses and people's humor evolved, eventually it came to stand for slim, lithe, and attractive.
That girl was very porke.
by Smith, Chris November 06, 2006
Top Definition
from the italian word porke - pork / pig

1. a derogatory term for a man pig
2. a sexually frustrated man
3. a man who eat girls alive
4. an intensense flirty male
6. a male chauvinist
7. operates with distinctive taqtiques/moves
8. the worst porke is the ones that seem to be in a perpetual state of self-denial about their sleaziness
9. the opposite of a smooth oporator

1-2-3 say P O R K E
urban girl 1: "what is that guy doing to that girl?"
urban girl 2: "it looks like he´s trying to sell a fucking car."
urban girl 3: "you know.."
urban girl 1&2: "..PORKE!"
by gran perè November 02, 2010
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