When a usually well waxed pussy need maintenance and get a little stubbly. It's porcupussy.
"I hadn't been waxed for a while - and when I wiped myself - I felt like I was petting a porcupine - my porcupussy"
by Lewis Clark November 08, 2007
The day after a chick shaves her snatch and it's all stubbly. A prickly shag muffin.
I went down on my girl and git rug rash from her porcupussy. Snatch vag muff muffin
by Boofisam July 08, 2014
In and around a vaginal area that has been shaved recently, but not too recently. The hair creates stubble that may bring pain and/or discomfort to any foreign body that may come in contact with it. e.g (facial, pubic regions, ect.)
Matt: Why is your face all red?
Greg: I ate this girl out an hour ago, dude she was hot!
Matt: You sure she wasn't a hogbeast, looks like you dined on some total porcupussy!
by C. Boyd January 06, 2008

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