A type of marijuana that comes from a hippies backyard.
Damn that bud is rank, it must be porcia
by ThatsReallGoodYa July 27, 2011
Top Definition
Amazing, loyal, and true. The best friend you could ever have. Will always have your back and fight for you til death. Has a wicked sense of humor.
Damn she is bitchin, thats my porcia.
by BlondieHotBZ July 27, 2011
Homeless gutter slut.
That beezy stinks, it must be a porcia.
by davinB July 28, 2011
A. While there are many other ways to spell this name this is the only correct way to spell it.

B. Very outgoing and seems loving until you get close to her, Not somebody that you want to piss off. She tends to be a slithering snake that sleeps with her boyfriends best friends. She likes to stab people when you least expect it. She will invite you into her house to "smoke" and when you are good and high, expect a sharp object in your neck.
Jerry: I went over to this bitches house for a free smoke out and maybe a little head but when I whipped my dick out she stabbed me in the neck!

Mike: oh dude you shouldn't have fucked with porcia.
by jackkir July 27, 2011
Another term for the Doggy-style position
I was hittin it porcia style last night
by kakkakaka July 27, 2011
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