A group of teenagers who are so weird they can only befriend eachother. They insist on tie dying anything and everything . They stay out all night and swing danc win the street to country music. They name everything they find rocks and Starr's and any wallets. They have a strange urge to Color everything and play with uv and glow in the dark stuff. They drink every Friday and run around being even weirder than normal and I sisit on calling every sand niggers nigglets and towel heads. Make fun of everyone they don't like in cruel ways. They make friends at Walmart and judge people at the mall and always have a camera on them ALWAYS and make when approaching a crowds . Most are asexual or date other Porch monkeys and the occasional sand nigger
" omg cute guy!!!!!"
"Be my friend!!"
Guy runs off
" it's okay let's tie dye are panties"
" y'all are porch monkeys"
by Gretchen weiners June 01, 2013
One of a very vast collection of names for a black guy(or girl :D)
those porch monkeys need to go back to africa!
by Concerned White Man November 02, 2010
It means a Person, black, white, brown, or Yellow who are lazy and have nothing better to do but sit on there porch all day. All tho A long time ago I do think it started as racial term that made no since. Back then everyone use sitting on there porch as a good pastime rich or poor.
Just Like trailer park trash can be referring to anyone so can Porch monkey.
by Francisstewart February 27, 2008
a kind of attack monkey that you teach to sit on your porch and throw its poop at people you don't like. not to be confused with nigga that sits on a porch.
Guy: "check out this porch monkey i bought at petco"

Girl: "what does it do?"

Guy: "throws poop at people"

girl: "awesome"
by ninjamatt May 05, 2009
A person that sits usually on their porch by themselves or with other people doing basically nothing yet looking and watching others. They can be black or white.
Hey look at that dumb ass porch monkey just sitting there staring at us -- he looks like he is up to no good.
by Was a porch monkey November 16, 2009
racist term used to degrade other races or just pertaining to a frickin lazy guy.
you lazy porch monkey get your ass back to work
by BladeIII May 07, 2008
1. A biker who enjoys hanging out on the porch with friends.
Race doesn't even come into play
This term has been negative for too long and can be better used for good rather than hate in this day and age.

2. "Saint Paul Porch Monkeys" is a motorcycle club in Saint Paul MN consisting of riders of any race. The "clubhouse" is situated on a porch and thus the name. The " Monkey" moniker is coined from the nickname of a rider in a motorcycle sidecar who must climb over and around the sidecar in order to keep the rig from tipping under heavy cornering.
"That Porch Monkey really kept the chair on the ground today during the Isle of Man TT race".
by drdusty007 August 14, 2009

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