another more suggestive name for a nigger.
Those damn porchmonkeys wont stop breeding.
by commando November 03, 2003
A male/female who sits aroud,who is lazy.It use to be racial but it was changed in 2006.
Amy-Hey you lazy porch monkey get up and do something!
Jimmy-Maybe tomorrow..
by Jazmine Horizon May 31, 2008
Despite all the racist definitions you may have heard for this word, it can actually be applied to 80% of the population of Schenectady, NY. It crosses all racial lines. Just alot of lazy folk with nothing better to do. Sometimes just drinkin beer waiting for the some crack whores to walk by so they can get some ass.
Driving thru Schenectady, one will notice one out of every three houses are infested with porch monkeys.
A taxidermy of a deer ass, made to look like the face of a monkey.
That's one mighty fine porch monkey hanging on your wall.
by Lala83 July 04, 2015
A knuckle dragging, mentally deficient bouncer/security at a bar, pub or club
be nice to the porch monkeys otherwise you will get your head kicked in.
by CaptainHurricane June 12, 2011
A hard working person that doesn't need pay
your a good little porch monkey
by kyle1311hop May 06, 2015
a racist term referring to black people. Usually hanging off the porch looking like a monkey.
"When a litl' white boy called me a porch monkey, I whipped his ass."
by belleanna April 03, 2010
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