i lazy black negro.
Look at that lazy porchmonkey asleep in that watermelon patch.
by tony October 07, 2003
Someone who just sits on the porch all day talking smack. Usually referred to someone black.
Jose Rojas does nothing but play xbox and is an EXTREME Porch Monkey!!!!
by BeastPerson July 18, 2012
PORCH MONKEY(s): a person/group of people sitting on a porch conversating talking loud.
GUY:I wonder whats going on over there?

GIRL: I dont know...but they sure are loud

by P.FIELDS creator of "crowface" April 24, 2009
A male/female who sits aroud,who is lazy.It use to be racial but it was changed in 2006.
Amy-Hey you lazy porch monkey get up and do something!
Jimmy-Maybe tomorrow..
by Jazmine Horizon May 31, 2008
A group of teenagers who are so weird they can only befriend eachother. They insist on tie dying anything and everything . They stay out all night and swing danc win the street to country music. They name everything they find rocks and Starr's and any wallets. They have a strange urge to Color everything and play with uv and glow in the dark stuff. They drink every Friday and run around being even weirder than normal and I sisit on calling every sand niggers nigglets and towel heads. Make fun of everyone they don't like in cruel ways. They make friends at Walmart and judge people at the mall and always have a camera on them ALWAYS and make when approaching a crowds . Most are asexual or date other Porch monkeys and the occasional sand nigger
" omg cute guy!!!!!"
"Be my friend!!"
Guy runs off
" it's okay let's tie dye are panties"
" y'all are porch monkeys"
by Gretchen weiners June 01, 2013
a racist term referring to black people. Usually hanging off the porch looking like a monkey.
"When a litl' white boy called me a porch monkey, I whipped his ass."
by belleanna April 03, 2010
Used in the best movie EVAH (Clerks 2) for an awesome scene.
"hey there ya little porch monkey.........what? I'm bringing it back!"
by Hoewley Dievah May 14, 2008

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