1. A lazy black man who usually sits on his porch and partakes in various activities such as: listening to the radio, watching the neighbors, drinking grape drink, drinking kool-aid, drinking a 40, eating chicken, eating watermelon, smoking marijuana, smoking newport cigarettes, complaining about why they're always broke, ect.

2. A derogatory term used to refer to someone who is lazy or black
go get a job you god damn porch monkey
by angrycrackheaddoe November 15, 2009
A lazy person who sits on a porch all day and stares at their neighbors
Look at that fucking porch monkey neighbor of ours, all he does is look at us all day.
by MUKUM January 06, 2009
A porch monkey is normally an afro-american person in one of the southern states. This person is called this because they often sit around on either their own, or some other poor white mans porch.

See nigger, jigga boo and swamp ninja
Father: Look at that damn porch monkey rolling around in my watermelon patch!

Son: Hey Pa! Can we torch him? Can we?

Father: Oh alright, but don't touch my watermelons!
by THe Holy Nazi June 28, 2005
a nigger that has escaped from the trees and found a porch to sell crack off of
cop 1: we need a big bust
cop 2: look over there a bunch of porch monkeys lets get them
by l,l,l,, July 24, 2009
used to describe a black person sitting on his porch all day doing nothing, but it can also refer to a mexican who is outside constantly doing some task that would take a normal person under 10 minutes to do.
a porch monkey could be a mexican working on his car, changing its oil, ALL DAY LONG, with several of his brothers and friends. very annoying when you live next to them and you have to listen to their spanish jibber jabbering all day long. then just when you think they're going to go inside because it's dark, they they bring out a lamp...
by bleh34234 July 05, 2009
Porch monkey:
Primitive ape from the jungles of Africa.
That porch monkey stole my watermelon.
by seanopia March 21, 2008
people who are LOUD, ANNOYING, LAZY, you will see them hanging out in groups of 3 or more, you will never see a porch monkey alone, Well, they're lazy good for nothin' tricksters... crack-smokin' swindlers! Big butt havin', wide nose, breathin' all the white man's air!

AND THEY STANK! They always have an ATTITUDE, and are ALWAYS COMPLAINING ABOUT SOMETHING! Oh and they don't know how to talk! You will also see them start dancing randomly to no music?!!? They also have names that usually end in A
Things I unfortunately over hear porch monkeys saying:

Nuh uh that gurll just cut in line, umm umm, I have to go to the bathroom, Ima bout to tell her ass something

Ima smack her ass

Gurl its hot in here

Gurl this line is too long

Ima wear this to the club, Heeeyyy

tameka, tanisha, qunisha, felisha, bonisha, WTF????
by tired22 March 17, 2011

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