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A "porchmonkey" is someone of negro origin that happens to be too lazy to sleep in their own home provided by benefit, so the negro sleeps on a white mans porch and becomes a porchmonkey.
"Damn son go get ma shotgun, there be another nigger on ma porch" "Ok pa, lets torch him!"
by THe Holy Nazi. February 13, 2004
288 244
A lazy black man, who sits on his porch drinking and trading his food stamps for crack.
Damn porch monkeys, cant they just get a job!
by Luvs2Spooge January 12, 2008
76 37
Describes that unprecedented situation, where a monkey's actually placed on a porch, seemingly enjoying itself.
Retard: "Hey John, there's a monkey on that porch."

John: "Yes, that's a porch monkey"
by ILoatheMySelf June 25, 2009
65 29
An African American. Slang: Nigger.
Look at that fucking porch monkey eating fried chicken, watermelon, and washing it down with a Lil Hug juice drink. Fucking niggers.
by blackinches December 10, 2008
81 47
A Nigger, sometimes in the southern US, drinking 40oz while sitting on their porch and complaining about white people "holding him down."
South Carolina is full of porch monkeys that sit on their porches and complain about white people.
by Tyronne Biggums December 28, 2006
486 453
black people...its ok im bringing back
what do you want you little porchmonkey?
by President Browe January 03, 2011
63 33
A stanky stupid nigger that enjoys sitting on their porch beating the meat at the young girls that walk by their shack. They eat watermelon, fried chicken, diced peaches. They drink kool-aid and grape drank. If the are not on the porch they are usually walking around walmart stealing shit, at KFC, at the DMV trying to get their impounded license and car back. How to identify them; buck teeth, afros, smoking weed or snorting crack. Also if you dont see them on their porch they might be picking cotton for whte people.
When Mike Grier is not playing hockey for the buffalo sabres you can usually find him being a porch monkey.

Mike Grier.
by porch_monkey_Alfredo February 24, 2011
39 12