African American sitting in the front porch, usually down south.
I wreckin we lynch them porch monkeys
by Toby October 01, 2003
A black person who doesn't want to get his or her lazy ass a job and wants to have his or her money handed to. When they do get a job, they complain or make excuses to perform at unsatisfactory levels or quit. Hence, they never leave their porch.
You can usually find a porch monkey in downtown urban areas.
by Dr. Phil's Mom May 07, 2008
Some who is a lazy fuck
Damn porch monkey get off the fucking couch and take a walk.
by Chris Tortora July 29, 2006
A fuckin nigga who skips out on his child support payments, beats their baby mamas, and applies for welfare at the age of 15. Also they like to eat chicken, of the fried sort, and drink kool aid all day.

fuckin over the white man everyday with their niggardom
Tyrone: Yo dawg, i be actin mad niggarish all day
Kobe: yea son, i kno wha ya mean. My welfare check jus came today nd im mad hungry porch monkey
Tyrone: lets go get some KFC, or roscoes chicken and waffles
Kobe: yea i gotta skip out on my child support check right quick. My baby mama be all on my ass bout it, but i just beat her ass
by jimmy kerins January 18, 2008
see also nigger
a lazy person who sits on the porch all day doing nothing
typicaly refering to a nigger
"that dude is such a porch monkey"
"i know all he does is sit on the stoop"
by fyrchken March 26, 2007
a nigger
all that porch monkey ever does is eat watermelon and fried chicken all day
by fuckniggersandbeaners December 27, 2008
1. A nigger.

2. Any person who refers to his/her favorite FLAVOR of
Kool-Aid as BLUE. You know, niggers.

3. We're taking it back.

1. A porch monkey's only exercise is on the 1st and 15th of every month.

2. Tyrone, what flavor Kool-Aid does you want: cherry, grape, or blue?

3. That porch monkey, Lenny Kravitz, is so versatile that he can stick you with a nigger-knife as well as give you the sheeny curse!
by Lil' Dude January 13, 2008

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