Describe any nigger, who sit on their porch to cool themselves off, not being as smart as caucasian people, who opt out for air conditioning.
Oh great, we got a porch-monkey in the neighborhood, their goes the property values.
by omega greek March 13, 2009
Slang originally held to highlight the segregation-induced laziness of negros in pre-civil rights era America.

The movie "Clerks 2" attempts to re-conceptualize the word by proposing that there is nothing inherently black about porches, monkeys, or laziness.
From Clerks 2:

Randal: Since when did "porchmonkey" become a racial slur?
Dante: Since ignorant rednecks started saying at a hundred years ago.
Randal: "Porchmonkey" is something my grandmother use to call me because I use to sit on the porch all day looking at the neighbors.
Dante: That's like calling someone a "kike". Did you ever think that your grandmother was a racist?
Randal: No way. She had the utmost respect for the Jewish community. She use to tell me to be nice to the Jewish kids or else they'd put the sheeny curse on me.
Randal: What!?
Dante: Sheeny is a racial term for Jewish people...your grandmother was a racist.
Randal: My grandmother was not a racist! Wait... Now that I think of it...she did refer to a broken bottle as a "nigger knife" once. Maybe my grandmother was kind of a racist.
Dante: You think?
by Radiotheatre August 04, 2006
A person or persons that has nothing but time on their hands. When they are not stealing white people's shit, terrorizing white people, complaining about white people, and doing crack, they are usually seen sitting on a porch of some low rent shithole in a rundown urban neighborhood eating watermellon, fried chicken and smoking weed. They are also easily identified by the fact that they are niggers. Niggers are not easily identified at night, unless they smile. And if a nigger is smiling at you, your fucked.
Elderly white woman- Harold I think we're lost.
Harold- Why do you say that?
Elderly white woman- Because this doesn't look like our neighborhood. The shop windows are all boarded up, there are big old cars with whitewall tires parked along the road and all these run down houses have fucking porch monkeys hanging around staring at us. Drive faster.
Harold- I'll get us the fuck outa here.
by Dick driller October 30, 2010
A derogatory way of referring to Jesse Jackson
That porch monkey thinks he's gonna become president.
by Bob December 17, 2003
a black that sits on a porch all day living off the white man's welfare. usually smoking mentholated cigarettes
kanye west is a dirty porch monkey
by king of white May 16, 2007
Term of endearment used to describe lazy people in general. No racial implications are intended or implied what so ever. We're taking it back.
Stephen is the biggest porch monkey ever. He sits around and plays WOW all day.
by theko July 27, 2006
A newly defined word via the Clerks sequel: A person who sits idly by watching the world pass them. A bum. A worthless loser.
Randal Graves: My grandmother used to call me a porch monkey 'cause I'd sit on the porch all day starin' at people. It's not a racial slur!
by JudasIscariot July 21, 2006
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