Lawn jockeys that were used to tie up horses are porch monkeys. Since back in the old days, plantation owners had Black people stable the horses or tie them up. Hence, most of these lawn jockey's face were painted black.
Your mama looks like an Alabama porch monkey!
by Kenneth Brown August 04, 2005
Folks who enjoy drinking and socializing with others on their porch, often spending many hours doing this.
That house is filled with a bunch of partying porch monkeys.
by SnottyIrishman August 02, 2005
Anyone who is chased out of their own home due to extreme heat & lack of A.C. who sits out on the porch enjoying a beverage & shooting the breeze.
Me & Rich were hanging on the porch livin' large and feelin' groovy.
by Tina Marie July 15, 2005
a negro that sits on the "porch" on the back of a bus
god dammet jimal such a porch monkey, he took my set on the transit bus
by eric shen April 21, 2006
A term exploited in a Kevin Smith movie. Currently being defined by morons who saw the movie and now think their the only ones who know it.
Example: A porch monkey is a word used to describe an African American or person of high pigment descent who sits on their porch and.. ah heck I don't know what it means but I saw this movie, it kicks ass.
by wolverine_hair July 22, 2006
A derogatory term used to describe unemployed Portuguese individuals. Recently adapted to include individuals of many ethnicities, although favoured to refer to Afro-Americans due to the "Monkey" reference.
The original reference was to infer that these individuals would hang around areas, swinging aimlessly like a monkey.
"When are those Porch Monkeys on 5th street going to get a job?"

"If those Porch Monkeys talk to my girl again, I'm gonna roll on them."
by Mister Skin July 22, 2005
Reinvented as a reference to college students in Kalamazoo, MI, who pass entire days and weekends sittin' on the porch.

(not intended to be racist)
"Maaan, we've just been a couple o' damn porch monkeys today."
by davis st. May 02, 2005
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