1. A biker who enjoys hanging out on the porch with friends.
Race doesn't even come into play
This term has been negative for too long and can be better used for good rather than hate in this day and age.

2. "Saint Paul Porch Monkeys" is a motorcycle club in Saint Paul MN consisting of riders of any race. The "clubhouse" is situated on a porch and thus the name. The " Monkey" moniker is coined from the nickname of a rider in a motorcycle sidecar who must climb over and around the sidecar in order to keep the rig from tipping under heavy cornering.
"That Porch Monkey really kept the chair on the ground today during the Isle of Man TT race".
by drdusty007 August 14, 2009
"A person who sits on their porch and watches the neighbours"

*Also known as a petifile .
Look at that porch monkey taking pictures of the neighbours' children !
by DiggyDodge YO !!! April 30, 2007
A deregatory term used to describe Carion in the game guildwars, meaning worthless.
Shut up porch monkey
by Warrior Nation March 04, 2007
a rasist saying for african americans and some one who sits on their porch and starys at the nabiors
Stop calling me a porch monkey
by sapel August 09, 2007
a black son of a bitch that loves to sleep on the porch and snore like a monkey
Pedro and Frank, look at that saggy old porchmonkey!
by anulsexlolol April 02, 2008
A racial slur nobody knew about until they watched Clerks 2 and now they say it like they started it.
Person 1: "Hey porch monkey get off my lawn!"

Person 2: "Say what?"

Person 1: "Haven't you seen Clerks 2?"

Person 2: "Man, go back inside, low life."
by Junk28 September 17, 2007
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