Describes that unprecedented situation, where a monkey's actually placed on a porch, seemingly enjoying itself.
Retard: "Hey John, there's a monkey on that porch."

John: "Yes, that's a porch monkey"
by ILoatheMySelf June 25, 2009
A lazy black man, who sits on his porch drinking and trading his food stamps for crack.
Damn porch monkeys, cant they just get a job!
by Luvs2Spooge January 12, 2008
An African American. Slang: Nigger.
Look at that fucking porch monkey eating fried chicken, watermelon, and washing it down with a Lil Hug juice drink. Fucking niggers.
by Filthy Sally December 10, 2008
A "porchmonkey" is someone of negro origin that happens to be too lazy to sleep in their own home provided by benefit, so the negro sleeps on a white mans porch and becomes a porchmonkey.
"Damn son go get ma shotgun, there be another nigger on ma porch" "Ok pa, lets torch him!"
by THe Holy Nazi. February 13, 2004
1. A lazy black man who usually sits on his porch and partakes in various activities such as: listening to the radio, watching the neighbors, drinking grape drink, drinking kool-aid, drinking a 40, eating chicken, eating watermelon, smoking marijuana, smoking newport cigarettes, complaining about why they're always broke, ect.

2. A derogatory term used to refer to someone who is lazy or black
go get a job you god damn porch monkey
by angrycrackheaddoe November 15, 2009
black people...its ok im bringing back
what do you want you little porchmonkey?
by President Browe January 03, 2011
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