Lazy person not lazy black person im gona help take it back and reclaim it aswell as many of my freinds are doing we suggest that you do it to try to make a diffrence.
Jack was looking at his neighbors from his porch therefore Jack is a porch monkey.
by J FRO August 25, 2006
a black redneck, preferably illterate and ugly
"Jimmy, why the fuck are you such a porchmonkey?"
by jimmy nguyen January 06, 2008
An extension of a Space Monkey; so extremely spaced out that they don't even move or do anything.
I don't think that kid has moved all day. He's a total porch monkey.
by Rob Bob May 22, 2008
a person of any ethnic origin who hangs out on front porches/ apartment stairwells/ front yards with other porchmonkeys smoking weed and drinking.
"Dude, let's go inside."
"Nah, I'd rather sit here and wait for my drug dealer to show up."
"Roll a blunt and pass me that 40."
"You're such a porchmonkey."
by ex-porchmonkey white girl July 26, 2006
a porchagese person.
kiana is such a porch monkey.
by Mr. Fluffykins June 30, 2008
Someone whom sits around in their thong or wife-beater monkeying around all day in the hot sun. Also another version of the termonology is: a person whom looks like a monkey and smells like one too, hanging around all day on their porch doing nothing with " my sister".
Autumn says to Sunny: " I'm a monkey, and I'm on our porch, I must be a Porch Monkey!"

by Quack-tastic May 10, 2007
Grubbly young/ old people who sit around on their ricky old proches all day long. Typically drinky Budwiser and watch Nascar through richer people's windows. Usually slightly slutty and as a career they whore-fy the closest corner to their porch. The Porch Monkeyous male, Usually spends many hours wacking off in the closet while Female is out on corners.
Person- Hey you fucking Porch Monkey!!!!!
Porch Monkey- Hey baby You want to go for a ride.. On My porch?!?!:O
by Jenna and Marjorie August 26, 2006

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