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over-population, over-crowding, too many people in an small area
The populution of New York City is intense, just like "sardines in a can."
by tavern knight July 22, 2006
Populution is a term used to describe the global population and population growth that continues to exceed the earth's ecological carrying capacity.
People, in becoming mass consumers, have in turn become mass wasters - they have become populution.

Why do people still insist on having large families? They adding to the populution.
by ProFX July 10, 2008
A contraction of population and pollution, and/ or a contraction of people and pollution, implying a vicious circle in that the continuing increase in population, coupled with stupidity and lack of caring, inevitably leads to an increase in pollution. To a large degree this process can not be stopped due to the second law of thermodynamics (aka the law of entropy) short of catastrophe such as a viral mass extinction. I coined this word independently the early 70's, but without the internet I had no way of knowing if others were using it.
With all of the populution we are duumbed. See also duumbed
by Coffee house Philosopher September 14, 2008