Popularity means that you are liked by lots of people. you are nice to then and you look good. so you'll be attractive for everyone. you don't need to be perfect. just be self-confidence and love yourself. 'when people see that you will be liked be lots of people.. ->
Nice popularity girl: hi , wow you look amazing today!!
shy girl: ow thank you (wow she is nice, i like her)
by sweet Candy chick June 04, 2006
Top Definition
What is popularity anyway? Is it being able to be atheletic, friendly, pretty/handsome, and accepted by todays standards? Is it being able to follow all the trends? Is it being rich in order to have lots of friends? The world may never know.
Here's what I think::
Who cares. If you have a lot of friends, or even just a few good ones, and you like yourself, you're better off than lying about who you are, so you can hang out with a bunch of phonies, and cry yourself to sleep thinking about how you can never show the real you because you won't be accepted.
Girl 1: I am lyke so totally popular, I follow lyke all the trends, and am totally rich! *cries self to sleep at night*
Girl 2: I'm content how I am. *is fine*
Girl 1: Lyke, OMG, you are such a geek! *is envious*
by Sakura The Pocky Goddess June 09, 2005
A state of mind. Many people say they are "popular" or use a label because they have no self-confidence in thereself.
Girl: OMG!!!11shift+1!! You must so be jealous of me because I am so much more popular than you!111

Everyone else: Get a life you little fruitloop.
by Millions August 27, 2005
a word with no real meaning. it is just another word for conformity and facist ways , so basically bullshit
Mtv is just all those fucking nazi's, it is run by the goverment to controll todays youth
by HavokNEVEREndS February 04, 2005
One of the many roots of all evil. (Others include mathematics, rap 'artists' and Mr Tobin) Basically popularity is a black hole which most retarded sheep-type-people WANT to be sucked into.
Popularity is for populars. They're so darn stupid.
by brittandherllama January 08, 2006
Something somebody made up tons of years ago. Something that's just there to make other people feel less important, beautiful, and more nerdy and dorkish than the so called, "popular people." A word that makes everybody else sad except for the ones that are actual popular.
You're such a nerd! No wonder my popularity is higher than yours!
by The Best Asian February 02, 2005
it is a social disease
i dont care what they tell u man


by rachel cich October 02, 2005
Something that, contrary to what popular people think, unpopular people do not crave.
Don't be sucked in by popularity.
by Anonymous :) May 12, 2007
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