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Someone who is simply nice to everyone, tells them what they want to hear, and has high self-esteem. That's all there is to it. Now when it goes to people's head is when they becomes bitches or jocks.
Kayla: Hi!111111
Sevenothergirls: Hiii i love uuuuu
Guy: so popular!! if only i could bang her now
by the_dark_hater March 25, 2006
when people have many friends, are well known ( even tho secretly they dont feel close to any of thier friends and wish they had someone who really understood them)and go out and have fun and usually goes without saying they go to all parties
random kid :"i wish i was popular like sarah, then i could go to jasons party"
by Adrienne, the strange October 05, 2004
someone who is well liked and has a lot of true friends, usually has fashionable clothes,most ppl who may not even be a close friend know her and not just nescisarily in her grade,it is assumed that popular ppl end up as nobodys working at mcdonalds but it is not true u can be smart, get good grades and be popular, u could have talent as well and get famous after that
that girl is the most popular girl in the grade,mabye even in the school.
by mo August 26, 2004
someone who has alot of friends and isnt always a snob or a cheerleader, most of the time it's someone that is really nice and u dont have to be pretty but the opposite sex might like u if ur pretty,
me and jessica are so popular we have tons of friends
by Summer123 June 22, 2007
Certain member in school society who believe that they are better than everyone else this usually includes the really hot girls and rich guy that the hot girls go out with.

Opposites: Punks, Goths and nerds
Guy: that girl is so hot, do you think i have a chance with her?
Friend: no she's one of the popular girls she wouldn't look twice at a goth like you
by Fencing Dude July 10, 2006
One who is generally well liked by many. This term is most commonly used in reference to a particular clique. 'Populars' are generally described in the media as being heartless, pretty, well-dressed, atheletic, stupid whores. Many 'populars'in schools seem to follow this stereotype, while few act like decent human beings.'un-populars' dream that the 'populars' will grow up to live on minimum wage, and lead awful lives. However, many populars are charismatic, a trait that will lead them to sturdy future. Overall what type of 'popular' a person is depends on the individual, though most are masked by the stereotypes of the media.
Stereotypical popular girl: OH MY GAWD DID YOU SEE WHAT JENNY WAS WEARING!?!?!
by Jackers July 05, 2006
popular has basically two definitions.
there are the kids who are liked by alot of people but very few people dislike, someone who has alot of friends.
then there are the kids who tend to take over a high school.
they are close knit group of people. and they are loved to their faces but behind their backs everyone hates them.
Deff 1:
Sally--Do you know Jill?
Anne--OMG yehh! i love her she is sooooo nice!
Sally--Yeh! she is so popular.
Anne--Yeah but in a good way.

Deff 2:
Tiffany: Oh Emm Gee! Everybody looooves me!I am so popular!
Jane: *under breath* bitch everyone hates you.
by anonamos. December 06, 2006