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Kids who everyone loves to hate. A lot of the so called "unpopular" kids want to be like them so badly they'll do anything to be their friends. Poeple think that popular kids aren't like the kids on tv, this is only true sometimes. A lot of popular kids, girls mostly, will find any oportunity to put someone else down. Most of the time they're nice one on one, but in a large group, they are at they're strongest. If you disagree with this, you're either in the perfect school, are oblivious to ur surruondings or you are popular.
girl 1: someone just made fun of me for hanging out with a guy.
girl 2: who?
girl 1: jane.
girl 2: i could have guessed it was one of the populars
by unpopular and loving it! October 21, 2007
Something that a lot of people are paranoid about because if what they liked was popular, they wouldn't be "cool" anymore.
"This band rules."
*Band gets popular*
"This band sucks."
by nikkan_hanil June 30, 2004
1. Widely known both in a positive and negative fashion:
Ex. The fruit cakewas a very popular brand although it did not compare with her homemade recipe.
by The Lemon Hunter June 26, 2005
somebody who is well known.
usually called bitchy/nasty/slaggy. but usually actually a nice person.
people often think just because somebodys popular they will end up being a looser the rest of their lives.
given a lot of respect to their face, but behind their backs often slagged off.
geek: "look at that popular person, shes just guna end up workin in mc donalds"
by leah December 06, 2003
its usually a big clique with ppl that are out going and loud. we have lots of confidence and are usually on a schools sports team: cheerleaders,football were like most likely to be pretty and hot and we hang out with a pretty large group (10 and over) and we usually throw partys and dress like... hot; the guys are usually trouble makers and us girls are usually like always laughing at something or someone. theres alot of drama going on cuz sometimes you can become friends w/the wrong ppl and you trust them unfortunally. and just so all of you know we don't always crave attention, we just get it cuz all of the haters out there! that talk behind your back,i mean don't you get enough of that for your bffs (jk but stil..)
alice: ''i wish i was friends w/them''
Alex: ''no you don't, they're all bitchs!''
alice: ''yeah ik, but they are popular.''
^^^^HATER ALERT!!!^^^^
by isobelle September 24, 2008
The person doesn't have to be bitchy or spoiled or rich and gorgeous and the typical stereotype of the blonde cheerleader type. Someone popular is a person has friends and can hang out with any clique and be excepted. She can be prep and have friends who are nerds or skaters or punks. People like her and even if they don't like her, they respect her because she's cool and doesn't backstab or talk shit about people.
Any girl who is intimidating or manipualtive or bitchy is not popular. She just scares people into liking her. If she were normal, she wouldn't be popular. If the girl is pretty and rich, girls hang around her to get guys she doesn't want and to get stuff from her.
by Angel baby December 27, 2006
generally means your liked by a lot of people. i know the media and highschool films depict popular folks as being utter bitches or conceited jackasses, but it can sometimes be true. Take my school: A few kids are actually really scary and (possibly) violent. They've got friends or members of their "crew" and others in our year are "friends" with their gang because they're scared of getting beaten up. Even though this huge gang are supposed to be all friends they still tend to bitch about each other (which i can never understand). BUT...some of them can actually be quite nice when you catch them on their own, which brings me to say that this type of "popularity" is really a great big show to try and quell their own lack of self-esteem by being superior and stuck-up-their-own-ass. I could easily have done that, but i never took drama for a reason :)
i might not have been "popular" with everyone in general, but i have close friends, and i'm popular within that group. wow go me