Disgusting people who end up being the scum of society with age. They think they're invincible until they grow up and you get to fire their ass and send them back to their trailer parks to be evicted shortly after.
Retard Jock: "omg i'm so popular i like basketball, cars, and rap music and that's what everyone else should like or else they're fucking geeks omg"
by ArchDevil July 26, 2004
Contrary to frequent generalization, this word can have two meanings.
1. A person who is very nice, friendly, and makes an effort to talk to everyone. Abilities and looks may vary.
2. A person who has the right personality that makes them able to exert domination over others, and be the one that their own gender envies and the opposite gender lusts after. Usually unintelligent, snobbish, and self-centered.
1. Wow Paul talks to everyone. He's really popular.

2. Lisa has a snotty yet charismatic personality. All the girls envy her and all the guys want her. She's popular.
by J-O-Rizzle-Dizzle April 15, 2007
people who think they're all that, and think they're cool. these people can also be complete jerks and bullies to people that keep to themselves and are really the 'cool' ones.
Example1: Madeline='Popular' Sally='Unpopular' speaks her mind Tina=An onlooker who doesn't care what people think about her.

Madeline: I love him so much!
Sally: Middle schoolers don't even know what love is so you seriously can't love Jimmy. Plus you've only been going out for a week.
Madeline: You don't even know what you're talking about. You're 13 right? You live in Lake Oswego and probably have lived here your whole life. Don't go acting like you know everything. Because you don't. And I know so many people that met and fell IN LOVE in middle school and are still married. And a lot of people in my family had a kid before they were 21 and they all got married. So just relax. You're not Dr. Phil BEEZY.
Tina: Madeline, it's an opinion so don't be such a fucking bitch.

'populars' are fake.

by Susyy May 03, 2008
Someone who is glorified simply for his/her looks. Has a overall immature attitude and rejects people that they find unattractive or unpopular. The majority of people considered popular will go on to live out their life in the fast food industry due to the fact that they have an IQ below sixty and contracted five or more STDs.
Popular Female #1 - Well, I'm off to get drunk and have sex with several people I don't know.

Popular Female #2 - I'll meet up with you later after I go insult people based on their low social status.

by Lipari June 04, 2006
Popular people are the unofficial 'leaders' of the school. Believe that sports, charisma, sex appeal, popular etc will carry them through college and life in general. Often end up in checkout, cleaning, bagging groceries etc.
Popular Jock 1:Get out of my way you nerd!
Popular Jock 2:Yeah you're such a freak!
Popular Cheerleader:I'll Say!

5 years later...

Jock 1:Do you want you groceries in bags?
Me:Don't I know you from somewhere?
Jock 1:No...
by Chaoticar May 05, 2006
OKAY! lets clear a few things up first--
I AM NOT STEREYOTYPING! I know what popular people are like, being ridiculed by them FOR MY WHOLE FUCKING LIFE!
They strut around like they fucking own the place when they;re far from it, they treat people like me && my friends like shit when we try to avoid them, && they delibrately make us feel down because of their "perfect boddies"!
In class we hear what the popular people did on the weekend && it consists of this-
Omg! I took it to 3rd with that totally hawwt guy i've been liking for, like, a week!


hey did you see those photos I have of ********* of my phone? she's givving head to some guy!

you dont think this is slutty?! I beg to dream && differ, whores, POPULAR PEOPLE ARE FUCKING SLUTS WHO STAB EACH OTHER IN THE BACK!
POPULAR SLUT- omg I like totally love my new bf!!
me- didnt you have a boyfriend last week?
her- um, yeah, he wasnt putting out.
me- what the fuck.
her- well you dont really think that our relationship would be kept emotional now do you?

*this actually happened*
by Morreh Cool September 28, 2006
You can be popular if you have alot of friends and they like you not just act like they like you. If you are nice and not a drama starter like in alot of junior high and you are funny, nice, and trusting then you are popular.
this is the opposite
Eyan: OMG Drew is so popular i hate him!
Celine: Eyan he is not popular not alot of people like him
Eyan: Oh ok.
by Celinee June 02, 2006
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