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People who WILL rule the world, and WILL become idol figures of society. Why? Because even if they are unskilled dolts, they have something you pimply-faced squibs don't have, charisma.

Charisma is the magnetic attraction that makes populars, popular. You can flaunt your overpriced cheesy college education however you like, but once the popular enters the scene, his sheer dead-sexiness will acquire him that management job, cutting the floor beneath your pasty ass. They are natural leaders, you are not.

If you can't become a popular based on your looks and desirable personality, there's always a faster and more effective way, being a bully. They'll think twice before they cross your line-of-sight again.
Hot-legged Office Secretary: Well Mr. Wong, everything seems to be in order here.

Socially Inept Geek: And may I inquire you to have a personal appointment with me at the annual Californian Astrocon Cosplay Convention? Wear spandex *wink* *wink*

Hot-legged Office Secretary: Security!

20 Minutes Later, candidate for interview #34 shows up

Ex-high school popular: Duhm, do you have an application?

Hot-legged Office Secretary: How about I invite you into a steamy 30 minute session of casual office sex?

Ex-high school popular: Life has never been so easy! Out of the way nerd!

He kicks the unconcious Socially Inept Geek aside, pushes all of the office items off the desk and closes the door
by C Tan November 16, 2005
60 91
what you wish you were...yah thats right dont be jealouse of us because we are teen royalty and you are SCUM...you may think that you will get us back in the long run, but even if you do you will always be haunted by being the LeWsEr in highschool...so go eat by the dumpster biotch!
jesse:i wish i was popular like amy and katie
ryan:ya i wish you were too that way i could talk to you in public instead of just screwing you on thursday nights when your parents arent home and i sneak over here.
jesse:you could just talk to me in public anyways
ryan:are you fucking dumb? you may be pussy but im not willing to ruin my chances with amy or katie for your stupid ass
jesse:you have no chances with amy or katie
ryan:so? i still would never be caugh dead in public with you...now go throw up that nutragrain bar before you gain a pound.
by findingscreamo52 January 31, 2005
81 124
The opposite of goth.
"Hey let's go watch goths cut their wrists in the bathroom!"
by I'm better then you August 19, 2005
18 63
Someone cool or in the clique. Most popular people are jocks and preps. A lot people think popular will end as losers. NO WAY! Notice how more than half the definitions for geek and nerd are worshiping them and most of definitions for jock and prep are making them sound like terrible people who will end up wishing to be you. Not all are jocks and preps. I'm popular and heard of this sight and had to look at what all lies the nerds are putting on here.

Being popular dosen't make you a jock, a prep, and, or gonna end up being a servant for a geek when you get older. I will admit I wear Aero, A&F, AE, and am gonna go buy some H CO. You are usually well liked and, or funny when your popular. I happen to be those things.

You just don't have to be popular with the jocks and preps. I'm popular and in band. Some of the popular kids think it's cool, I get to skip a different class every Thurs for it. You can be popular in your group rather it's, "the clique", your not-so-popular friend (or at least in the eyes of the jocks and hot girls/guys), band, chorus etc. Just remember the more popularity the more chance of bf/gf's.

Jocks/Preps/Other popular people:Your so funny!
P.S.:I'm popular for being funny and I'm sorta a class clown.
by Trillesimo February 16, 2008
11 58
me! im popular and all of the girls are pretty and most of the bois r fit so it deos help if your good looking yeh every1 see's us as bitchy sluts chavs and wateva its jus cus ur JEALOUSE! u wana b us but it ent ever guna happen fukin losers and NO we do have bare close m8s u dicks and not all popular peeps r RICH im rich but most of my m8s arnt dere jus normal And at my skl this a reli bitchy thing happend so dere was afight between 2 popular of my m8s
they both h8ed each other and da 1 dat did the wrong thing first every other popular person h8ed her so she moved haha the POWER OF THE POPULARS and just because your differnt 2 us y shuld we like u u goths dnt lyk us because we r different. but the thing is dere ent reli any grungers goths... that r popular are there? NO and just because we wear fashionble clothes and like to show of are bodies it dusnt mean we r sluts! so go fuck your mums l8azxxxxxx reppin RG4
me! am popular haha hahaha and pretty
by kay-lee November 21, 2005
9 56
a name for a person who is prettier than everyone else. or has bigger boobs. or is willing to do more
The popular slut lost her virginity at a young age.
by freakontheblock July 11, 2003
17 68
a person is popular when they think everyone likes them, when in fact nobody likes them, they just hang around them to get attention or to look good. a popular person will ignore anyone who is different from them, but if they want something they will suck up to the person who has whatever they want then after they have it they will ignore the other person. also a the guy or gurl which thinks everyone is in love with them even if they dont come to realise that thoses people hate their fuking guts!
popular person: o i hate that chick over there,
-5 minutes later-,
popular person: o i think i need sum money to buy miself something,
*walks over to 'chick over there',
popular person: hey can i have some money please?,
chick: fuk off!,
by darkfaery October 04, 2005
24 85