this word is often misused and has negative connotations. in reality, popular (when referring to a person) is when someone is very well liked and has a lot of genuine friends, most likely because they are a nice/friendly person. However, through the media and highschools around america, "popular" has grown to describe a certain group of people. these people, like punks, nerds, etc. have their own social code, which usually (but not always) includes expensive items/services, sports teams, and cheerleading. These people are not necessarily popular, yes some of them genuinly are well liked and have lots of friends becuase they too (gasp) are nice people. but some of them unfortunately are under the false impression that they are better than everyone else because of their possesions and friends/boyfriends/girlfriends, (who to these people also count as possesions).
girl 1: wow, have you ever noticed how many friends karen has? She's really popular
girl 2: i know, i hang out with her at the skatepark, she's really nice. She does a lot of activities, she must a lot of friends through them.

guy 1: how'd u get all that work done?
guy 2: oh, Robby helped me last night
guy 3: oh yeah he's really smart
guy 4 (just joined convo): who, robby? he's awesome, good tennnis player too, helped me with my serve.
guy 5: that dude's friggin' hilarious
by thatswicked April 20, 2006
a popular is usually a girl aged 11-15
defining features:
1-must have at least 5 other friends who are populars
2-must think they are it
3-must be in the top half of the school because they coppied their friend's work
4-must bitch about people behind their backs, and then smile sweetly at them whilst cackling at their mates
5-must almost always be a chav
6-boyfriend must be 'lush'
7-must have at least one playboy accessory
8-must have 'jane norman' or 'kokai' bag
9-must ring up all 'popular' friends the night before school and tell them what hairstyle you will have so you all come in with exactly the same hairstyle
10-must be 'popular' as the name suggests, but not in a good way
11-must wear at least an inch of mascara, and two layers of make up
popular 1: omg that boy is mint!
popular 2: i know
normal person:excuse me, I can't get through
popular 1:(patronisingly) oh sorry (shares manic laughter with friend.)
popular 2:belches
popular 1: omg look at my pink nike trainers and my 'Jane Norman' bag, I am so hot
popular 2:omg don't be so modest!
popular 1: lets go to the toilets and smoke
by popular hater March 11, 2007
Popular used to be term to describe someone's social statues. Now, it is a noun. If you have a large group of friends, you are a popular. The populars run the school.
Hey, look! It is a group of populars!
Johnny is a popular. He has many friends.
by Yaya12 July 14, 2014
judgment based on the complete stupidity and immaturity of a childish mind. a classification of how attractive someone is, how ignorant and arrogant they are, how stupid they are, and how many fake friends they can reel in and glue to their side.
many times seen in movies as a complete exaggeration, but still known in present day.
completely stupid. popularity should really be based on your amount of kindness and likability, rather than how fake and materialistic you can be. but it's not.
jane: "she's SO popular! she's SO pretty! and she has SO many friends ! I wish I were her "

doe: " you're kidding. she's wearing five pounds of makeup on her face, she's wearing a tight shirt, and she stuffs her bra with all the toilet paper she can find. she has minions, not friends. you don't wanna be her. "
by intherealworld July 09, 2010
a word that used to mean: cool and welll liked by other people.
these days it refers to a bitchy person, typically a girl in this sense, that likes to talk shit about other girls, have sex with everything in site, lower other peoples self esteem, and brush her hair.
girl 1- omg that bitch just stole my boyfriend and fucked him while brushing her hair!

girl 2- wow shes so popular.
by raych90210 May 08, 2009
people who think they're all that, and think they're cool. these people can also be complete jerks and bullies to people that keep to themselves and are really the 'cool' ones.
Example1: Madeline='Popular' Sally='Unpopular' speaks her mind Tina=An onlooker who doesn't care what people think about her.

Madeline: I love him so much!
Sally: Middle schoolers don't even know what love is so you seriously can't love Jimmy. Plus you've only been going out for a week.
Madeline: You don't even know what you're talking about. You're 13 right? You live in Lake Oswego and probably have lived here your whole life. Don't go acting like you know everything. Because you don't. And I know so many people that met and fell IN LOVE in middle school and are still married. And a lot of people in my family had a kid before they were 21 and they all got married. So just relax. You're not Dr. Phil BEEZY.
Tina: Madeline, it's an opinion so don't be such a fucking bitch.

'populars' are fake.

by Susyy May 03, 2008
a word that is constantly miss used. its true meaning is for some one who has many friends and every one does truly love them because they are truly awesome. How ever in school people often think they are popular and every one loves them when really they are usually the bigges bitches in the school and most peopole that arnt classified as popular but their standards most likley hate them! So really the definition of popular is Bitch.
O.M.G look over there, all the "popular people" are over there!!
by Layla12 May 11, 2012
pop+ jocular
Someone who gets a 'high' from soft drinks.
At the sight of a Coca-Cola, Frankline gets so popular.
by Frankline Foxxx May 04, 2010

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