this word is often misused and has negative connotations. in reality, popular (when referring to a person) is when someone is very well liked and has a lot of genuine friends, most likely because they are a nice/friendly person. However, through the media and highschools around america, "popular" has grown to describe a certain group of people. these people, like punks, nerds, etc. have their own social code, which usually (but not always) includes expensive items/services, sports teams, and cheerleading. These people are not necessarily popular, yes some of them genuinly are well liked and have lots of friends becuase they too (gasp) are nice people. but some of them unfortunately are under the false impression that they are better than everyone else because of their possesions and friends/boyfriends/girlfriends, (who to these people also count as possesions).
girl 1: wow, have you ever noticed how many friends karen has? She's really popular
girl 2: i know, i hang out with her at the skatepark, she's really nice. She does a lot of activities, she must a lot of friends through them.

guy 1: how'd u get all that work done?
guy 2: oh, Robby helped me last night
guy 3: oh yeah he's really smart
guy 4 (just joined convo): who, robby? he's awesome, good tennnis player too, helped me with my serve.
guy 5: that dude's friggin' hilarious
by thatswicked April 20, 2006
someone who sleeps around
That girl is so popular
by Nilla August 04, 2003
a person is popular when they think everyone likes them, when in fact nobody likes them, they just hang around them to get attention or to look good. a popular person will ignore anyone who is different from them, but if they want something they will suck up to the person who has whatever they want then after they have it they will ignore the other person. also a the guy or gurl which thinks everyone is in love with them even if they dont come to realise that thoses people hate their fuking guts!
popular person: o i hate that chick over there,
-5 minutes later-,
popular person: o i think i need sum money to buy miself something,
*walks over to 'chick over there',
popular person: hey can i have some money please?,
chick: fuk off!,
by darkfaery October 04, 2005
The group of people in your school that everyone praises and kiss their rear ends. The people that end up being the biggest losers on Earth. ( you know which popular group I'm talking about).They end flipping burgers for the geeks they used to mock on their high school days.

Yeah, popular is also something well known in a negative or a positive way. It's something hip and famous for a while, that's why they are not a classic. :)
1) Here's an example of being popular:
Jock: dude, look at me I'm dating the hottest chicks on school. Hey get out of my way you geek.
Cheerleader: Yea, lyke totally get out of ma way biatch, you big losa. I wanna hang out with ma fine hunk (kisses the boy and makes fun of the geeks, goths, etc.)
12 years later.....
Former Geek: Hey, what are u doing here? Man, You have gotten fat and ugly. And please flip those burgers faster I'm not paying you to be a slacker.

2) Good Charlotte, Rap music is a good example of this.
by Unique human55 August 31, 2005
1. Well known.
2. A person who is well known at Suchandsuch High/Suchandsuch Junior High. They can be arrogant, but some are really nice people. The arrogant pick on people because "they ain't pops like us" and hate rock "because it ain't gangsta like us". But the nice one will chat with you about pretty much anything. And some aren't obsessed with rap.
Example 1. Good Charlotte.

Example 2 (arrogant popular kid)boy: omg dat guy is not gangsta becuz he don't lyk gangsta muzik and don't drink alchol. girl: OMGZ!!!1111!!! BRAD PITT IZ ZO HOT I WANT TO HAVE MILLIONS OF HIS BABIES. Yay.
by Blahb March 08, 2005
A bunch of snot nosed kids who think they own the world and call themselves "GANGSTAS". They go around acting "propa hard" and they always own ricers. They call anyone that aren't wiggers/chavs like them "freaks". They also drive around the city blaring "gnagsta rap" so loud it could cause ear damage. The car always looks something like this:

Huge ass exhaust pipe that does nothing but make the car loud as fuck.

50 foot high spoiler.

Body kits that are total rip offs and do nothing but make the car look "gangsta" like they would say.

Stickers from companies that they don't own parts from.

Gullwing doors.

Insanely gaudy vinyls.

And the car is usualy a slow econobox such as a Ford Focus.

See jock and wigger.
Popular kid named Eric: YO YO YO SUP MY NIGGAZ

Popular kid named Jon:YO YO SUP ERIC


Me: Shut the fuck up you stupid fuckwit wigger.
by DJ-BILLZ April 14, 2005
Populars r cool pips who u can hav a gr8 fun wif! Most of populars in our days had sex at the age of 13. But there r ecceptions! like me! In our school most of populs r cheerleaders!!!! being popular is gr8 fun!
u've called me a slut, but i am popular, you'r not!
by bbz March 27, 2005
Kids that have expensive clothes, shoe and are involved in sports. Most of them are assholes who take a shit on the rest of the people who can't afford nice things. Girls how ever don't try to be assholes rather than rich posers and fake bitches. Teachers fucking love popular kids because most of the teachers are really shallow and think that they are going to be friends with the kids rich parents. They have 25 different pairs of shoe or uggs a new outfit for every day of the year. Live in estates paid for with loans , parents are pussy faggots who coach any type of sports team and have no mechinicial skills and have car matinence at a dealership or car shop. Overall just assholes trying to be the best asshole they can be.
Regular kid: look at my new shoes

Popular kid: shut up I hat those shoes mine are ten times better go away and stop being annoying.
Teacher: that's right regular kid go away or your going to get detention, buy the way popular kid anything I can do for you?
by Lobboshirki March 21, 2015

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