Popular Girls are most of the following:
-Wear Miniskirts

-Shop at A&F and Hollister
-Severe Addiction to Lip Gloss
-Very Prissy
-Have a vocabulary consisting of the words:"omigawd" "likeee" "omg" "totally" "tots" "lol" "wuut" and "kk"
-Don't tell any adults that they're popular girls so they can act all innocent(And because of this,adults think they're perfect little angels....Dumb bitches.)
-Won't wear any clothing under $50(If that low)
I am an Ex-Popular Girl so I tried to give you guys the scoop on what my group,the "A-listers" was like.....
Common A-Listers Conversation-

Selena:Omg guys guess WHAT!!!
Selena:I got these shoes @ the mall and they were,likee,only $900!!!!
Faith:omg THAT CHEAP?!
*Nerd who's been listening to their convo walks up to them*
Nerdy Girl(Brook):Ok...so you bought completely PLAIN black shoes for almost one thousand dollars.....?I mean,they don't have ribbon or lace or....anything really...just plan black shoes!
Selena:Ewww omigawd you peed on yourself!!!!EWWW!!!
Nerdy Girl(Brook):What?No I-
*Selena pours her Non-Fat Ice Mocha on Brook's brand new skinny jeans*
Selena:By the way,you owe me a Non-Fat Ice Mocha,kk?

The A-listers are the popular girls now,but Selena better watch her back...."Nerdy Girl" is gonna be a famous rock star and their gonna have a job scooping her dogs poop.
by Nerdygirl120 August 11, 2011
The kind of girl that is generally a bimbo, most likely is a cheerleader, and is convinced that the captain of the football team is dating her because he loves her, not because she puts out. Often pretends to be a feminist or such thing just to add a little "colour" to her shallow little life. Usually a vegetarian, because she's dumb enough to think that rabbits die for my meals(though they often wind up in those crop threshing things)
I don't think that makes you a slut, sometimes a bathroom stall is all you can find!
They think they're the popular girls here...SLUTS!
by shoot_hitler December 07, 2005
Popular Girls are often most or all of the following:
~blonde(Not always)
~only pretty because of make-up
~all sit together in the lunch room
~are very thin
~call non-popular girls curse words
~are cheerleaders
~Have designer clothes
Popular girl groups are usually different depending on how many of them are in a group,usually if there are only 2 in a group,they are the kind that bully/beat up people.If there are 3 in a group,like the popular group at my school,the"Diva Tribe",they are the kind that tease you and prank you but don't really use physical force.
Typical "Diva Tribe" Conversation-
Brittany(Leader)-OMG!!!!Brandon is SOOO hot,how can he date that LOSER Kayliee!?
Amanda(Brittany's best friend)-OMG IKR!?!? Kayliee is SOOO UGLY!!!
Ashley:OMG I KNOW!!! SHE IS SUCH A B****!!!
Brittany:A TOTAL B****!!!
Kayliee:Hey guys.....I hope your not still mad at me....
Kayliee:Then can I....be back in the group?
Brittany:WHAT!?ARE YOU F****** JOKING!?
Ashley:GET LOST B****!!!
Kayliee:*Runs away crying*
Popular Girls:*Laugh like crazy people*B****!!!
by katyperry101 August 01, 2011
Girls who usually are mean and are popular because they look good and they like to act cool and they just wear mini skirts and make up, that has a lot of friends and just treat well "good looking" people.
Actually, most of them are always cheerleaders.
Cheerleader popular girls hanging out in hallway.

Popular girl 1: OMG, they're so cute!
Popular girl 2: Yeah, that's true.
Popular girl 3: Agreed!

A nerdy wannabe girl comes.

Nerdy wannabe: Er...I...hi...
Popular girl 3: Oh, don't talk to her, she's ugly!
Popular girl 4: Ew!
Popular girl 1: Ok, loser, get out of here, you're too ugly to talk to us.

Nerdy girl walks away.

A cute girl comes.

Cute girl: Hi.
Popular girl 1: Hey look that pretty girl over there, we have to talk to her because she's cute.

The cheerleaders smiles.

Popular Cheerleaders: Yeah!
by sarita1 March 20, 2006
girls that think thier all that and a bag of potato chips because they can do whatever they want.
pgav is popular girls against violence...... we are good
by Anonymous October 03, 2003
A-holes who wear ambracrappy every day. Said girls are blond everyday whether they are born blond or not. Stupid. They dont have any effection to anyone. Words in their vocabulary are:
"Hot Guys"
Look at the popular girls look at the hot guys and thier 'F's...
by johnny March 28, 2005
Any of the cliques of catty women that inhabit "the boards" at Yahell (e.g., Creation), who pretend to be smart while trolling for boyz and trashing other women who try to invade their turf.
QM, a decidely UNpopular girl, fought all day with Rebecca and her troops, to no avail, although all the popular girls knew that they'd eventually be QMed and lose.
by Unpopular troll February 26, 2003

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