Oh my gosh, I'm so tired of you ridiculous people being so fucking immature. If you 'hate' us so much, come do something about it instead of ranting about it on the internet. You can't solve anything doing that. It just sets the spotlight on your low social skills, being unable to 'tell us off' and all face to face. I unfortunately cannot do that because according to you, the 'everyone' that hates us isn't saying shit in person.

Stereotyping people is not a way to judge people. Reading your definitions remind me of those retarded sluts in movies and low budget TV shows. By watching a couple stereotypical shows and labeling us, I'd say you're as bad as you SAY we are. Our vocabulary range does not simply consist of, "OMG! Like totally!". Who the fuck even came up with that rumour. That's like me claiming that intellegent people only say, "superb" or "ownz0r". Even though I know that there may be a few who do actually talk like that, I'm not going to start a vicious rumour that all intellegent people in general do talk like that.

Popular girls in general are what modern society call 'beautiful'. If you hate us for our physical appearance in which we're born with, then we have the right to hate people for their intellegence. Sounds fair? They're both worked on, born with and could be enhanced. I think that everyone has the potential in being very smart, or very pretty. It simply depends on what they do with themselves.

By 'beautiful' I don't mean makeup beauty. The girls who hide their face behind layers of powder are not what I call popular. They're called 'sluts'. They're the ones who NEED the makeup, because without it they'd look like a piece of shit. And they think that without looks, they'd be a loner because their personality is poor. Once in a while, we may put on eyeliner and such on certain occasions. There's a fine line between 'sluts' and 'popular' but I would hate to have anyone else confuse the terms. They're usually confused because both categories tend to be attractive.

We shop, so what? Shopping is a hobby that people practice. If you don't want people to attack you for reading, then don't bloody attack other people for their hobbies. We all have different interests but everyone who bad talks us can't seem to set that fact aside. Being angry at popular people for shopping at certain stores is like us being angry at you for buying books at Chapters. It just doesn't make sense. It's as if we don't buy clothes at whereever you buy clothes, we're 'rich bitches'.

If we want to date attractive boys, then we will. You can date whoever you want and I personally wouldn't give a shit. If you do happen to date an attractive boy, I would not see you as a popular person. Just a girl with an attractive boyfriend. Who we date should not place us into stupid categories.

We wouldn't go out of our way to slam you into lockers or beat anyone up. That's what you call 'bullies' who satisfy themselves by physically beating people daily. We'd only fight if you've done something that really offended us. Like you, it's natural to fight back.

There are popular people who don't get onto the Honour Roll every year. I do not think that that means that they're stupid. Wake up, there are unpopular people who also do not get onto the Honour Roll. Does that mean that they're stupid? Are you going to start insulting your own 'comrades' and call them 'idiots' or that they'll never amount to anything? No matter what, there are going to be people who are smarter than others. Just because there'll be a few popular girls who aren't straight A students, doesn't mean that they'll end up working at a fast food resturant. So just lay off the typical "all popular people are retarded" saying, because frankly, you all aren't rocket scientists yourselves.

You say that we don't have friends because people we hang out with backstab us? How the fuck would you know. Considering as to how much you hate us, you're obviously not a 'friend' of ours personally. Stop your wishful thinking, maybe it's you yourself who have backstabbing friends. Or perhaps you ARE the backstabbing friend. I'd say you're a hopeless loser who's desperate to be 'popular'. The only way you think you could be 'popular' is to backstab your so called friend. Pretty damn pathetic. These people are not popular and never will be considering their attitude.

So there we go, I've cleared up most of the major misunderstsandings. If you still hate us, then go ahead because it's impossible to love everyone. If it makes you feel better about yourself to trash us indirectly, then I think that you're the one who should be hated. This time though, stop stereotyping us and insulting us for things that you do yourself. And if you must, then fucking do it in person. Because we're right there, you can come up and tell us what you think about us anytime... and we'll always be here no matter how much you want us to disappear. Just don't expect us not to give you our own opinion.
popular girls are beautiful, fun, well educated, often stereotyped, etc.
by perfectscandal June 01, 2006
Top Definition
Popular girls are the people who make you feel like yor worthless, they hang out with about a quarter of the school and always laugh/talk really loudly so everyone can see how oh so popular they are. They usually shop at places such as Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, Aeropostale, and Maui Nix. These girls either surf or pretend to surf. Have tan skin and usually bleach blonde hair (natural or dyed) sometimes there's brunettes, black haired and redheads too. Most of these "popular girls" get drunk, have sex, start more rumors than a year supply of National Equirer before the age of eighteen. Once they enter college they realize that the world does not revolve around them. Then end up working for that oh so "ew" nerdy guy in high school that they snubbed. Shortly they begin to realize being popular for those years in school doesn't matter in the long run. Though a few are very kind, the majority of them are cold hearted bitches.
Typical popular girls conversation-
Amanda: I can't believe Brittany's dating Josh, she's such a little whore!
Kelsey: I know! You and Josh would be so much cuter together.
(Brittany comes over to table)
Brittany: Amanda I hope your not mad that Josh and I are dating, you know I had a huge crush on him too. I am so happy he likes me back!
Amanda: Oh I'm perfectly fine! Your my best friend!
Brittany: That's wonderful. I'm off to go find my brain at hollister now!
by EleRealm April 02, 2006
girls who are generally blonde(not always)/bitchy/mean/spoiled/"hot/trendy and ALL THAT!" who think they have a certain power over all other people. Mostly brainless and ditsy!.They also think that ABSOLUTLY every1 loves them, and like making fun of other people.They always date the hottest guy in the football/Soccer team and often express themselves with phrases like "omg","and i was like","i mean","what a loser","this is soooo".. etc.. and they act like they know it all.
pg:omg, i mean look at that girl's dress! what a loser!
by gAbrieLle tottrier June 29, 2004
Girls brainwashed by Barbie into thinking that their job is to look hot and make fun of others. Basically guys like them, regular girls hates them and the few that hangs out with them only pretend to like them.
Popular Girl: OMG, like that is like, totally, like... yeah!
Others girls behind her back: What a loser...
by eyes April 01, 2005
A blonde girl that listens to Eminem, wears Abercrappie and Fitch plastered across her chest every day, usually a cheerleader, and whose vocabulary consists of the follwing three words:
"Popular girls" is an oxymoron because everyone hates them.
by Bite me. August 29, 2004
girls who are so full of themselves and think everyone loves them , but in realtiy, everone HATES them. The "popular girls" usually consist of the following:
-being blonde
-wearing short skirts with high heels
-wearing tops that show their stomach (and by the way they usually have to most expensive belly button ring)
-Own a Lois Vuitton and or Juicy Coutre
-Date the hottest guy in school who is the lacrosse/football/soccer star of the school
-have sex before they are 18
-use the words "like" "omg" "that bitch"
"i mean" "cute" "so" "ugh" and "loser"
Well, that's all there is to cover about these "poplular girls" we have to live with for the rest of our lives-hopefully if you're a popular girl, and you're reading this, you'll realize what a "that bitch" you really are
-omg i loke so bought that skirt at the mall and so wore it to school yesterday, now like that girl over there is wearing it today
-omg what a LOSER
-ughhhh that bitch
by a cali geek June 09, 2005
All those girls that sit in the middle of the cafeteria, sitting right across from the hottest semi-athletic boys (not the real ones, cuz the GREAT athletes are nerds) but never actually acknowledge the boys because they are too busy gossiping with the girls sitting next to them. They tend to trade off boyfriends with each other after about a week, and always hate their ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend, even if it WAS their best friend. These girls serve no real purpose in the world except to advertise Hollister and Abercrombie, make boys want them because they think they can get some off of them, and the other girls hate themselves for not being able to be "beautiful" like them.

Wouldn't we all be beautiful wearing that kinda stuff? COME ON! They're just good at picking out clothes and make up, I WOULDN'T call that "beauty".
Yeah... Kelsie may be one of the popular girls, but it's only cuz she shops at that stupid Hollister or whatever.
by Pretty Emily March 19, 2005
Usually bitchy and gets everything they want. Thinks there the best thing since sliced bread and have rights to do things which the "normal girls" don't, like...

1. Can use their latest phones in class, just so they can rub it in other peoples facess, distract students and phone eachother and then blame it on the girl no one likes.

2. Wear lots of make-up and don't turn up for school until late because they need to look "perfect".

3. You can't have fun around them. Do that, and there at your necks like a wild animal.

They also like to take the micky out of the less popular, even bully them sometimes.
Another thing is they like to say things like. "Oh my gosh!" Sigh at the end off every sentence, which is followed by her gang of bitchy friends, or say anything they think sounds good because they heard it from some lame show.
Popular girls

Popular girl1- Omg look at Mandy! She thinks that ugly pink leather hand bag looks good on her.

Popular girl2- Lets go talk to her.

Popular girl1- Hey Mandy, i loooove that bag!

Mandy- Really? Thanks, i love it too!

Popular girl2- Yeah, not really, we think it's fugly. *Giggle*

That very next week after Mandy chucked her bag away.

Popular girl1- Hey girls, check out my new bag! *Bag is the same as Mandy's*

Popular girl3- Oh wow! It looks amazing on you!

Popular girl1- I know, right?

Popular girl2- God i'm bored, lets go bully someone else.
by Mewmuh March 21, 2009
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