a delicious nutty, popcorn treat
I went to the grocery store to pick up some Poppycock. Yum... Delicious.
by Kadlem April 01, 2006
To eat the majority of someone's food without telling them; usually begun after the owner has opened the package, but ended prior to polishing them all off.
That little shit poppycocked my mint Oreos; I had three yesterday, and this morning, there were three left. How many did he eat? Forty?!
by Sarah, New Haven/Philadelphia March 09, 2005
v. to eat the last of someone's food without asking and in typical cases, without admitting to it upon questioning afterward.

Originated in New Haven, CT. Can also be used as an noun. See poppycocker.
She poppycocked my dried mangoes!!
by Sherry January 30, 2005
An erection that is happy.
Looking at that chick gives me a poppy cock. Look at it, it seems so happy. *tear*
by Salad Time August 19, 2007
This happens when I see your MOM!!!
Oh yeah!! Your Mom gives me Poppy cock!
by Don Vito June 22, 2004
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