The opportunity of the coolness of dads.
Friend 1: Hey your dad is really cool!

Friend 2: That my dear is called popportunity.
by To Fresh January 29, 2012
Top Definition
1. Blanket words describing the downfall of modern music.
2. Opportunities that are given to artists not necessarily gifted nor talented. Eg: Pop rock, Emo, Hip Hop, Boy bands.
American Idol is giving popportunity to so called 'artists' who would normally be relegated to coffee shops.
by Sizzor April 02, 2008
the opportunity to fuck a virgin
"dude i was chillin with vanessa last nite and i totaly got the popportunity"
"oh yea? did u hit that shit"
"helzz yea son"
by jayla May 10, 2007
perfect opportunity to knock someone the FUCK ouT!
yo that was the perfect popportunity to kick his ass!
by HiM October 12, 2003
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