"Popping" - meaning she is beautiful, stylish, hot, sexy, ect. (Exceeding expectations)
Man that girl right there is popping; I've never seen someone more beautiful.
by Kelvo Da Great March 30, 2016
The sound that is made when one pulls one head out of ones own ass.
We are way behind today, I want to hear some popping around here!
by Handsome Wood July 09, 2013
Facebook Chatting, named after the "popping" noise it makes when you receive an instant message.
So, I was popping this girl the other day and she totally asked for my number, then my Facebook froze.
by LRose89 January 29, 2010
movement of your ass and back at a sharp pace...to make a pop effect
damn! shes popping hard on those guys! they are probably hard by now!
by Feeks October 26, 2003
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