That's urban slang for pimpin', stunnin', or lookin' fly made popular by the rap group 3 six mafia. Or if someone wants their respect or recognition for doing something. Kind of like when the Fonze on 'Happy Days' use to turn his collar up to be cool.
Ever since I was a kid I been poppin' my collar.
#stunnin' #pimpin' #struttin' #showing-off #bling-blingin'
by ne0aes0p August 02, 2006
Top Definition
To pimp and/or being a player. Showin' off after workin' it.
"Now every since I could remember I been poppin my collar
Every since I could remember I been working this hoes
And they betta put my money in my hand" -- Three 6 Mafia
#poppin #collar #hoes #money #pimpin
by D-Munney February 16, 2006
pimps pop their collars to call their hoes over to get paid.
"ever since i can remember i been poppin my collar" -three 6 mafia
#prostitution #pimps #hoes #rap #cash money
by lauren brackenbury May 15, 2006
Poppin' My Collar is the best song by Three 6 Mafia, and one of the better rap songs to come out in a while. The remix with Project Pat is the hottest version of the song. If you don't have this song you better go out right now and buy it.
Yo, you gotta listen to Three 6 Mafia's song Poppin' My Collar.
#stay fly #three 6 mafia #m.e.m.p.h.i.s. #ridin' spinners #bin laden
by Payton L July 15, 2006
a white person trying to be black will pop his collar
i have been poppin my collar becoues i want to be black.
#popin #popping #poping #collor #popping my collor
by Alex Ducky October 10, 2006
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