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When used in an offensive manner, it describes someone with a yeast infection.
Popular Girl:*Loudly* "Get a load of those biscuits this dork wore today!"

Dork:"You've got a lot of nerve trying to bag on somebody! Fuck you poppin' fresh!"
by Mizzery21 July 10, 2008
3 5
The actual name of the pillsbury doughboy, or to be extremely fresh
you look poppin fresh homie!
by Funk Dog May 20, 2004
215 52
A word used to describe an extremely overweight person. This world is often used by people inhabiting the Lima Heights Adjacent area of Ohio.
I'm from a part of town called Lima Heights Adjacent, Know where that is, Poppin' Fresh?
by Taylorawesomenessann October 15, 2011
20 3
Describes anything at all you may find satisfactory, including a good meal you just ate, your first kiss with a new love interest, a new song you heard, ect. Usually used with great enthusiasm.
"Those shoes are poppin' fresh, yo!"

"Heather's booty be poppin' fresh!"

Eric:"What did you think of that movie, man?"
Sam:"Poppin' FRESH!"
by sam respess January 19, 2008
9 4
Used to refer to people who are overweight, likening them to the soft and pudgy physique of the Pillsbury Dough-Boy
"Yo poppin' fresh, how about you move your fat ass out the way."
by Ultimate Fresh November 26, 2009
5 3
a person with little or no common sense
Jordana is a poppin-fresh.
by agnus wasabi June 17, 2004
2 7
A subdivision in which appears to have been built over-night with cookie-cutter style houses. These are usually found in areas that, until recently, contained farmland. These subdivisions usually contain only McMansions.
Driving out to my grandma's house in the country, I was shocked to see the Poppin Fresh where the dairy farm used to be.
by Liz E.G. May 04, 2006
17 25