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verb: used to indicate that any certain place, e.g. a party, dancehall, diner, is particularly crowded and lively
this place is poppin OFF joe! I can't hardly find the keg!
by Gran Pree March 08, 2004
shit-talkin, more commonly called poppin or poppin off at the mouth.
Imma beat that nigga ass if he keep poppin off at the mouth.
by BabyShoe May 30, 2005
to bust, blaze, fire, or shoot ones 'guns', usualy rapidly or violently, and often senslessly. Can also be used sexualy.
1.Yo, sum sh*t done popped off at Murder Ridge, I'm a go chick it out, see if one of our souljas was injured.

2. I woke up the neighbours by poppin' off at the target in my backyard last night.
by nVidia September 10, 2006