Small drops of shite that fall out at perfect intervals and float on the water in clusters.
'i just planted some poppets'
by sanchez September 05, 2003
a manly man that is in a close knit group of friends who fucks shit up, has other poppets backs, and extremely enjoys breaking things.
hey, those poppets at that party last night tore through there like Chuck Norris tears through goddess pussy!
by tj calli January 01, 2012
When a person hiccups, it is social etiquette to say "Poppet". In a similar manner to saying "Bless you" after a sneeze.

An idea first used by Avisha Patel and her mum during the summer of 2008.
Louise: *hiccup*
Avisha: Poppet!
by GrannyP May 02, 2011
An annoying self conceited girl often known to roam in poppety packs and frequent frat houses. If you are friends with them on facebook you will soon grow tired of them labeling themselves as a poppet, which they mistakenly wear as a badge of honor.
Poppet 1 to Poppet 2 on Poppet 2's birthday: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I'm so excited to celebrate your day of poppety birth and get you super crunk. LOVE YOU POP
by XC11 February 22, 2011
A name for a girl who, when her cherry is popped, has the man suck the hymen out of her vagina and swallows it.
Jim: I got down with a girl last night, she was a Poppet.
Joe: Dude that's fucking nasty.
by Snapadillydingdong April 27, 2011
Something old British ladies call people.
"'ello poppet"
That's not a very good example
by Poppet69 June 02, 2004
A girl who you can cheat on and leave as many times as you like but still comes back when you call.
Aw, she's such a lovely poppet
by Carcer January 30, 2004

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