Some Collars have a plastic piece in it. If your lucky during sex your Collar just might POP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
About 2 months ago I was fucking this hot little blue eyed black haired broad and MY COLLAR POPPED!!!!!!

POPped CollAR
by MyCollarPopped March 27, 2007
What cool people do to expensive Ralph Lauren and Lacoste shirts.
Ugly people are obsessed with people popping their color simply because they have nothing better to do.
by melberhane April 28, 2005
A very nice ( anhd sexy ) look ... with the collar of a polo shirt " popped up " Polo shirts with popped collars Looks great with Abercrombie cargos & cargo shorts.
I am wearing my A&F polo shirt with the collar popped up along with my A&F cargo shorts. My Abercrombie polo shirt w/popped collar looks great !
by WET CARGO BOY April 01, 2006
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