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A sure sign of evil.
"look at those fratrats in those horribe popped collars. Talk about mega gay"
by IAMFULL OF H8RED September 25, 2006
An uncircumcised male penis. Usually referred to by douchebags.
Alex has such a small popped collar!!!
by Kingpin399 March 16, 2010
n. Gay
syn. homosexual
ant. Straight
You look completely popped collar today.
by rbrice1981 March 16, 2008
Without any shadow of a doubt, the only person who can pull off a popped collar is Eric Cantona.
Are you Eric Cantona? If not, kindly remove thy popped collar.
by Tom (I'm such a trooper) July 26, 2006
The act of turning the collar of a shirt (usually Polo, Lacoste, Vinyard Vines, or Brooks Brothers) up, creating an extremely cool effect.

Often hated by those who can't pull it off...
Girl1: "Holy CRAP, that dude with the popped collar is friggin' HOT!!!"

Girl2: "I know, my panties just floated out of the bar!"
by writerX October 16, 2007
Something white people think is very cool
"Dude,man like let me pop ur collar its like so freakin awesome."
by Gameguy March 15, 2005
Some Collars have a plastic piece in it. If your lucky during sex your Collar just might POP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
About 2 months ago I was fucking this hot little blue eyed black haired broad and MY COLLAR POPPED!!!!!!

POPped CollAR
by MyCollarPopped March 27, 2007