Yet another tradition originated from the ghetto, then abondoned by the ghetto, and picked up by the lame white boy preps that cant come up with anything original. popped collars are usually worn with polos.
wow is that neemus with his popped collar?
by neemus September 15, 2006
The style of wearing the collar of a dress shirt flipped up, covering the neck.
Did you see that preppie kid? He thinks he's so cool, with his popped collar and sweater vest.
by Gib November 10, 2004
A fashion very popular in Europe, that consists of a rich person wearing a shirt (usually very expensive brands) and popping its collar, which makes them look extremely trendy and attractive to hot European chicks. This is hated on by most americans.
European chick: “Holy sh*t!! Look at that fly guy rollin up in his BMW and his popped collar on his La Martina shirt for 500 Euro. He is soo hot and rocks the style.“

American: “Look at that fag, who thinks he’s cool cuz he’s from Europe and pops his collar.“
by #guywiththepoppedcollar January 17, 2012
The style a Douche wears his collar, nonetheless it is a douche who may be attracted to other men and most certainly has a small penis.
Guy 1: That kid is wearing a polo with a popped collar.
Guy 2: DOUCHE!
by bichplzr May 09, 2009
this is usually seen on a douche,scumbag or sleeze ball
Did you see that guy at the club with a popped collar last night? Whata fuckin scumbag..
by BUSTINaNUT April 04, 2009
The act of lifting up a collar on a collared shirt in order to show off the fact that your either a douchebag or that you have an oversized mole the size of Nigeria on ur neck.
Fag: Look at my popped collar.
Random Person: Why do you want to hide your neck so bad? Don't want to show off that hickie you got last night from that dumb slut you slipped some rufies?
Fag: The fact that I have a popped collar doesn't necessarily mean I love to take it from behind.
Random Person: Faggot.
by L$ November 20, 2005
What ghetto people used to do, What preps do now. Just another trend that will dye out eventually. One person said "Only ugly people are jealous that us preps pop our collars." Um no. Normal people enjoy not looking completley fucktarded.
Popping your collar is a great way to get the wrong kind of attention. Only wear a popped collar if you wanna get beat up and be a trend following whore.
by Jersey Kid January 22, 2008
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