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a fashion statement worn by guys as a sign that they can't get their dick up anymore.
popped collars is caused by e.d. and e.d. is caused by diabetes and other blood related issues.
by im kind of gay March 24, 2008
70 36
The stupid fashion statement of popping the collar on a polo shirt.

Mostly done by young men between the ages of 17 and 25.

The popped collar is a way of detecting arrogance and idiocy with out engaging in conversation with someone.
"Look at that guy, he's got to be an idiot and a dick. You can tell from his popped collar"
by chip008 July 10, 2008
53 25
Originally worn by sporty preppies (usually while playing tennis) as a means to cover their neck from the sun; a common style amongst preppies for decades that has recently - and unfortunately - been hijacked by more urban, trendy, new-age and metrosexual styles that contradict the traditional lack of trendiness characteristic of true prepdom.
A popped collar with ripped jeans and sneakers is dreadful, whereas a popped collar with khakis, loafers and a cable-knit sweater is classy.
by Quincy Starks December 25, 2005
121 96
All I'm going to say: While the current state of the popped collar is upsetting, to say the least, it has its roots in legitimacy. The original collars were not just fashionable, they had function. The sea-goers of yore faced many perilous conditions, among them the harmful rays from the sun. They learned early on covering their necks was beneficial to their health, in terms of dehydration, as well as avoiding burns. The trend was picked up by people who 'summer' in Cape Cod, those for whom sailing is a passion, and while not drinking or talking abouts sailing, they sail. So knock it, but don't hate on it.
'That popped collar is fashionably questionable, but he's no redneck.'
by djking January 30, 2008
30 12
A requirement to get accepted into Miami University.
Bob:"Dude you get accepted into Miami"
Douchebag: "pause(to cool to respond)
Douchebag:"Cha...I wear popped collar"
by ron453 August 01, 2008
14 9
The act of lifting up a collar on a collared shirt in order to show off the fact that your either a douchebag or that you have an oversized mole the size of Nigeria on ur neck.
Fag: Look at my popped collar.
Random Person: Why do you want to hide your neck so bad? Don't want to show off that hickie you got last night from that dumb slut you slipped some rufies?
Fag: The fact that I have a popped collar doesn't necessarily mean I love to take it from behind.
Random Person: Faggot.
by L$ November 20, 2005
73 69
Yet another tradition originated from the ghetto, then abondoned by the ghetto, and picked up by the lame white boy preps that cant come up with anything original. popped collars are usually worn with polos.
wow is that neemus with his popped collar?
by neemus September 15, 2006
50 47