A popped cherry can be defined as losing ones virginity. This can only be applied to females. It is defined as a 'popped cherry' due to most virginal females bleeding after first time sexual practice.

It is often seen as a derogatary term, due to its association with an unimpressive fruit. Often associated with promiscuous young men.
'I popped my cherry over the weekend.'

'I had my cherry popped over the weekend.'

'She has a popped cherry and thats why she's bleeding.'
by ikaite July 15, 2009
Top Definition
when a girl has sexual intercoarse for the first time resulting in blood to come out of her vajayjay...
1)oh my god!!!
jullie just got her cherry popped!!!
she bled all over!

2)i just popped cherry over the weekend!!!
by hue jabut January 16, 2008
When your best fucking friend nails your sister and takes her from being a virgin to a non-virgin. Or otherwise known as stretching the hymen, and converting a virgin to a non.
I bled when his big penis popped my cherry
by shithole May 12, 2003
When an overly aggressive, excited young gentleman rams his fist repetitively into a young woman's vajayjay, causing blood to spurt from the victim onto the offenders fingers.

Oh! Is that your popped cherry? I'll pay the medical bills!
by canada cutie July 26, 2007
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