1. The way that something happens, a verb.
2. something really exciting happened
3. trouble started/ a fight broke out
Tasha: We were at the club last night and these hoes started talkin shit, so we fucked them up.
Robin: Damn, sounds like shit really popped off last night.
by blueheart December 09, 2004
A term used when you had sex with somebody.
Main Man1- yo... i jus grabed that badd ass join from up the street.

Main Man2- hahaha....for real, yo cuz i popped her already.
by Dolla Dolla Bill$ August 26, 2009
The sudden realization that you've been somehow brainwashed into liking POP music.
God, I love Womanizer by Britney Spe...Aww Shit....I've been popped.
by twitch45 April 08, 2009
An article of clothing, or possesion that is worn out or out dated.
Your sneakers is Mad popped.
by Caprice June 07, 2005
To get drunk on your lunch break with Passion Pop.
I saw your girl down at the plaza after lunch,she was popped!

by bambeana October 30, 2007
Popped means to place something some where usually with sudden movement. ie put/place. Not 'to hit', as a certain English nanny in America soon learned.
she popped all the pills into her mouth in one hit.
by starbug October 25, 2004
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