to punch someone in the face.
Jack: Why are you on house arrest
Rob: I popped my spanish teacher
by Beverley55 April 15, 2008
a termed commonly used in the Gary-Chicago area to refer a state of inebriation or drunkeness
We got popped that henn. last night
by gravity5 March 05, 2006
The word a black male uses after he hit something/some one.
Tyrome:Damn D'ante popped Lee-Ron so hard that when his head hit the floor it sounded like it popped on the pavement.

Tyronne: When this happened?

Tyrome: Last week at jail.
by lovemaster252 October 07, 2010
1. to get drunk
2. to be drunk
I cant wait till this weekend; Im gunna get fucking popped.
by ZOLGA January 30, 2003
To be broke, money low
"Yo let me hold something"

"Can't son, I'm Popped"
by Toyia January 02, 2009
1. The way that something happens, a verb.
2. something really exciting happened
3. trouble started/ a fight broke out
Tasha: We were at the club last night and these hoes started talkin shit, so we fucked them up.
Robin: Damn, sounds like shit really popped off last night.
by blueheart December 09, 2004
A term used when you had sex with somebody.
Main Man1- yo... i jus grabed that badd ass join from up the street.

Main Man2- hahaha....for real, yo cuz i popped her already.
by Dolla Dolla Bill$ August 26, 2009

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