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The word a black male uses after he hit something/some one.
Tyrome:Damn D'ante popped Lee-Ron so hard that when his head hit the floor it sounded like it popped on the pavement.

Tyronne: When this happened?

Tyrome: Last week at jail.
by lovemaster252 October 07, 2010
18 41
to punch someone in the face.
Jack: Why are you on house arrest
Rob: I popped my spanish teacher
by Beverley55 April 15, 2008
29 52
1. The way that something happens, a verb.
2. something really exciting happened
3. trouble started/ a fight broke out
Tasha: We were at the club last night and these hoes started talkin shit, so we fucked them up.
Robin: Damn, sounds like shit really popped off last night.
by blueheart December 09, 2004
11 36
A term used when you had sex with somebody.
Main Man1- yo... i jus grabed that badd ass join from up the street.

Main Man2- hahaha....for real, yo cuz i popped her already.
by Dolla Dolla Bill$ August 26, 2009
18 44
To be broke, money low
"Yo let me hold something"

"Can't son, I'm Popped"
by Toyia January 02, 2009
9 35
To be deemed stupid, slow, lame, or otherwise naive to an immediate situation.
Sheri: "We going to the mall at 2, are you going to be on time?"

me: "Naw, I have to meet my dude at that time."

Sheri: "You popped!"
by Tafhi May 27, 2008
5 31
1. to get drunk
2. to be drunk
I cant wait till this weekend; Im gunna get fucking popped.
by ZOLGA January 30, 2003
12 38