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A term for a guy who likes to look at naked women and often goes to titty bars ect. So called because when he sees a naked woman it makes his eyes pop out.
He's a pop eye.
by Judge dredd7 August 07, 2011
3 9
Danielle Caron has the biggest forearms possibly ever on a girl. Therfore making her a popeye.... where does she get those magical forearms?
" Danielle is a major popeye"

by DC April 02, 2004
7 13
internet tit
total pops
by bob September 06, 2003
12 18
some one who speaks out of the corner of their mouth
see: jeff hill
popeye your mumbling
by ash and al September 18, 2003
6 13
A childish term for going to the toilet to take a shit. (I assume it was named after the well-known spinach-eating cartoon was a term I heard as a child.)
"Mommy, I've got to go Popeye!!!"
by GenuineNerd September 18, 2009
0 8
When you get your own semen in your own eye and you say you got pop in your eye as an excuse
I was in my bedroom with my girl friend and she made me spray Mountain Dew in my eye.
6 15
a person or persons who lies a lot for example they say they dont masterbate but they actually do and lie for attension. "popeye" is also a word describing a strong guy with abitions of screwing Mrs. Albo.
"Popeyes chickin is fucking awesome"
"Popeye masterbated every day"
by jason t February 18, 2004
5 14