Holy person who does NOT shit in the woods
Q: Does the pope shit in the woods?
A: No, bears do.
by Karla Rovess June 15, 2008
One Religious Mother Fucker.
"Is that old dude the Pope?"

"Pope? He musy be one religious mother fucker!"
by MarcusHHHHHHHHHHHH May 22, 2006
Title of position given to a cardinal who becomes the leader of the Roman Catholic church. There have been 266 popes since the first Pope, Peter the apostle who was pope 2000 years ago with succession ever since. Often mistaken for a child lover due to sporadic scandals of corrupt priests and 'evil' due to rare popes who cheated themselves into and used the position for political power hundreds years ago while the hundreds of other men who became popes strove to make the world a better place. They also have the coolest car you will ever see even though they are amazing enough to forgive men who shot them multiple times out of stupidity for no reason other than their amazing love.
Did you hear about how that one guy didn't even press charges after being stabbed by that druggy even though they had full evidence?

Yeah pulling a JP2

What a pope.
by matt evol beens twisted yada y November 19, 2011
(slang) derogative term for someone who thinks they're high and mighty and has been blessed with god's gift of greatness. other attributes include driving a weird-ass car like the popemobile and living in an impenetrable fortress like the vatican.
person a: dude, the pope is taking over a conference room on the 39th floor!
person b: wtf?! why is he holding mass all the way up there?
person a: so he can be closer to god.
by the disciples February 18, 2009
That man who doesn't have sex.
The Pope also doesn't masturbate
by ANON ;D June 15, 2008
indie bro number one.
oh jeez popes and his wolf eyes.
by cash money ho #1 November 11, 2004
The police, the cops, the fuzz, 5O.
Shit G, the popes is comin' we best be getting the hell outta here.
by BadBoyUnleashed March 11, 2004

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