Preaches man-made theologies that encourage sexism and homophobia (compared the holocaust with homosexuality) and supports ignorant and archaic views on abstinence, birth control and abortion that intensifies the spread of AIDS. He also helps to protect priests who are known repeated child rapists.
I'm sorry, I thought he was meant to be a good guy?!?!
by Dan-germouse July 08, 2005
Pope(Latin, Father); The title of the Bishop of Rome, the western roman catholic church. The first Bishop of Rome is believed to be St. Peter, since in Matthew 16 Christ gave the Keys of Heaven unto St. Peter, meaning authority in Isaiah 22 of the Old Testament. Authority over God's household. Through Apostolic Succession, the title of Bishop of Rome has been kept in tact, the current Bishop of Rome is, John Paul II successor of the Seat of Peter. For any of you ignorant of anything or history, the Popes who did the inquisition and crusades never touched doctrine, therefore the Church has been saved from their awful duty as an individual. The Pope also serves much use, and to the ignorant Christians; there are 21 Rites of the Roman Catholic Church, therefore attacking the Church as a whole, you're attacking yourself, considering protestants came off the Latin Rite or known as, the Roman Rite in the western side of Christianity.
Pope; Visible head of the Catholic Church.
by Brent August 01, 2004
A moron in a dress.
"Gays and lesbians and feminists will make the polar caps melt" said the very silly Pope.
by Diogenes Jnr December 28, 2008
The Pope is characterized as the personification of evil.

More accurately, a vessel of shape-shifting fecal matter directly puppeteered by Satan.

It's been recently demonstrated that, through a process that still baffles scientists, fecal tectonics control all observable bodily movement. New and stunningly accurate instruments have pioneered previously unattainable readings around his bodily orifices, verifying his long suspected composition.

The Pope is the Bishop of Rome, the leader of the Roman Catholic Church, and the head of state of Vatican city.

His position delivers a powerful stigma to the otherwise respectable position of "Mob boss".

Global mob boss, the current pope, Benedict XVI, was friends with late fascist Nazi, Kurt Waldheim, former head of the United Nations.

The papacy is the bottom line of fascism.

In 1933, Vatican’s secretary of state, Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli (the future Pope Pius XII), and Germany’s vice chancellor, Franz von Papen, signed a concordat between the Holy See and the German Reich.

The papacy, in bed with the Nazis, is the Zionist movement and the lordship of the Republicans.
The Pope displays his utmost faith by riding around in a bullet-proof vehicle.
by GeniusSloth September 08, 2008
insulting word, to be used in place of asshole, fucker, etc.
Dude, why do you have to be such a fuckin' pope all the time?!
by Sdrawkcab October 07, 2007
A glorified religious leader who pushes discriminatory views upon those who willingly look up to him for messages of love.

A discriminatory or bigoted person.

A person who equates the importance of saving the rainforest with that of preventing gay marriage.
Stop being such a pope by hating on gays!

Where's your compassion gone? Stop being such a pope!

I don't want to make this too full of hate, because what if people look at this and say, "Oh, I'm already anti-gay love, and look at this jerk, being a jerk." That would be pope.
by hope4pope December 22, 2008
Former first-team goal-keeper of Krakow United quite some time ago. (True)
"And Romananovski has failed to take down the attacking striker, as he winds up for the shot and...WHATS THIS?! The goalkeeper is praying?! The shot is screaming towards the goal and...(ooooh, damn) That keeper is going to need a nosejob..." "You're right there Ken, maybe he should convert to priesthood."
by Ben Tricarico April 04, 2005
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