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a summer action flick, not monumental, a good waste of time
Van Helsing was such a popcorn movie.
by Mandy May 21, 2004
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Movies that are fun to watch without necessarily being particularly good. The sort of film you sit down to watch while eating copious amounts of popcorn and drinking soda by the gallon at the theater.

Often contain a lot of fluff and special-effects, and are generally little more than silly, pure escapism. Which is why they're fun to watch after a long week of dealing with fucktards at work or school.

The 90's and early 2000's were the heyday of popcorn-movies thanks to the development of better special effects and filming techniques that were fun to watch... but often came at the expense of story and serious character development. However, with the growing popularity of "gritty" and "realistic" films (aka, boring-ass Zack Snyder bullshit where everything is filmed in extreme shaky closeup and stories go on about twice as long as they need to), popcorn-movies in the late-2000's through the present no longer contain the fun or wow factor they once had. Now it's just lame, joyless bullshit.
The 1999 version of "The Mummy" is a REAL 'popcorn movie.'

Fucking "Transformers 17: Reign of the Rise of the Revenge of Vengence in 3D" or whatever horseshit is passing for 'popcorn movies' these days is just grating bullshit.
by TaxiFred June 26, 2016
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A movie is garanteed to be, "eh". One that is sure not to win any awards. One only goes to see it as a excuse to eat popcorn and other junk food with friends. Sometimes with the intention of insulting it afterword.

Also, a movie that is overly advertised in theatre previews that you get the taste memory of popcorn in your mouth when you see the commercial on t.v.
Person 1: Oh wow, Fred Clause / The Comebacks looks like such a popcorn movie. It's going to be so stupid!

Person 2: Yeah, but what else are we going to do Friday night?

Person 1: True. We might as well.
by LindseyKiwi November 17, 2007
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