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1) A wannabe pimp
2) A pimp with maybe one or two in his stable. Makes a crummy living.
There are too many popcorn pimps on my block.
by Vyxen November 23, 2004
35 9
1. Orville Redenbacher
Orville Redenbacher is a popcorn pimp.
by Whoreville May 16, 2008
16 11
a pimp that is often seen in areas like malls, schools, etc. looking for young children to abduct and sell off to prostitution
for examples look for shifty looking individuals near aforementioned areas
by John Peters June 03, 2005
11 10
A pimp that wines and dines his hoes off an allowance given to him by his parents. Has been known to trick out his bitches to pay for playstation controllers, arcade tokens, and cheap bling.
See Rikki Lake, Jenny Jones, etc.
by melissa December 14, 2003
15 14