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the worst genre of music ever. hell, even rap and country are better than this shit.
thrash metal is so much better than pop punk.
by dragondance~ May 12, 2007
Complete garbage. Your time would be much better spent listening to music from the seventies or eighties, or to ska punk.
Pop punk 13-year-old: I'm so punk rock. You posers don't understand me or my generic brand of corprate-controlled music.

Some kid: ...Dude, its poseur. And have you ever even heard of The Clash?

Pop punk 13-year-old: What was that about Green Day?

Some kids: ......*FACE*
by Decoy Look This Way September 16, 2006
there is no such thing as "pop-punk" for that would be a contradictory statement of the two opposite energies of the universe.
what it really is is "Modern Punk", just like rock punk has changed for nothing remains the same and people need to except that. it is punk fused with an element of just having fun playing music.

The Cure and The Who and Lou Reed are key influences in the genre of (for sake of requirement) " pop-punk ".
by The Harlequin March 31, 2006
An oxymoron. Pop music and punk music are complete opposites, making the term "pop punk" a worthless gimmick of a musical genre.
kid 1- hey man, i just love pop punk so much.
kid 2- wtf are you talking about?
kid 1- sum 41 is the best band ever, they're so pop punk.
kid 2- *hits kid 1*
by cowxcore August 07, 2007
A contradictory term used to give the effect of feeling cool while listening to pop
"I hope Limp Bizkit is on MTV today..."
by Ro0ke December 10, 2002
A really shitty music genre that's still going strong in the 2000s. It was good in the 90s but bands like bad charlette,simple plan and new found glory had to ruin it. Its just pop-rock. The second wave of this crap is boys like girls,all time low, and we the kings. To play this music the lead singer has sound like a 5 year old boy, the guitars have to be very lite, isen't that cute?
Teen: How do I start a pop-punk band. Indie rocker: oh just ripoff blink-182. You'll make it big man. Teen: okay cool!!
by sage thunder May 02, 2010
Possibly the most insultingly uninspired genre of music ever. Also called emo.
Correct usage: Pop-punk sucks

Common mistake when using this noun: Pop-punk is so cool!
by Vertigo1234 April 20, 2010