1. A term used to describe the recent trend after the fall out success of boy bands and glamour rap. Pop punk contains no punk quality other than untalented musicians.

2. Soccer Mom approved punk that is trendy, okay to like, and accessable at the nearest mall.

3. A hypocritical commercial gimmick that wont last. Thankfully.
Pop punk derives from histrionic teenagers who would commit suicide because their rich parents bought them a car with standard interior as opposed to leather.
by Euthanasia March 28, 2005
n. Music which is pesudo-punk. It's got the loud guitars, it's got just enough of the "I'm angry" vibe to still be interesting to today's youth. But it's way too polished and lacks the substance of true punk.
by The Grammar Nazi December 04, 2001
so far only one person has the definition right here. pop punk, which shall now and forever be called Happemo, is just catchy fun sounding music that still has talent and a message.
check out the bands in the example. they are true Happemo bands.
Dillinger Four, Bigwig, Skirtbox, Amazombies, and Bombshell Rocks are all examples of true Happemo
by Spicy Longshanks April 23, 2004
An oxymoron, said to be non-existant by "hardcore punks." A easier to handle version of the genre punk.
MxPx, Starstruck, Avert 13, Fall Out Boy.
by Jason July 13, 2003
1. Watered down punk made with the sole purpose of selling it to teenage girls.
2. The worst thing to happen to punk rock since Mick Jones and Joe Strummer split up.
3. What many people think secretly killed Joey Ramone.
Oh my, God! Listen to this pop punk crap!
by Guy who hates pop punk January 29, 2003
A punk subgenre, originally introduced in the 1970s, but obtained worldwide commercial success in 1990s and early 2000s, thanks mainly to Green Day, Blink-182, Rancid, and The Offspring.

Most definitions of pop-punk on this site put down several bands, like Simple Plan.

What Pop-punk really is is the fast, loud guitars of punk rock, but with catchy, usually light, melodies. Lyrics aren't meant to be political or angry.

Today's mainstream pop-punk is extremely different from that of the 90s, sounding more like emo, with moody, one-hit bands in hollister sweaters wearing a backwards hat.

The chart-topping bands of 2004 aren't recieving as much attention as before.
Good Pop-Punk:
Green Day

Bad Pop-Punk:
All Time Low
by Extreme Hangman February 07, 2010
Shit music that is being labeled "punk" when its just as hard and fast as country. A true pop punk band is The Buzzcocks. Most of the brainwashed youth that listen to this "pop punk" shit started out at hot topic one day looking to fit in. So they bought some random shirts of random bands that they have never heard of for outrageous prices, went home, felt all "punk", went on lime wire, and stole worthless music from the bands on there shitty shirts. Then from there these teeny boppers went around sharing their findings to other clueless people, and the cycle goes on and on. Thank you very much hot topic and mtv for ruining what once was an ok genre.
"OMLFG!!!Oh My Like Fucking (non-existant)God!!! Look at this rad Gc shirt. OMLFG joel is like so totally hot. He is so punk wih his hair. I wonder is he gets it done at great clips?... Like i think i am going to buy every fucking good charlotte item there is in this fuckong store, put it on my once preppy slut body, and be PUNK.. not to mention an individual!!!
by Super Crass September 08, 2004
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