1)An oxymoronic term in the fact that punk is the essence of individuality and seperation from society, whereas pop is the celebration of society's standards of fashion and higherarchy.
2)A term often applied to alternative or "bubble gum" rock bands that play repetitive riffs and wear items like studded belts and wristbands.
by Deryck June 08, 2004
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The latest "craze" in music (mTV) after the decline of boy bands, pop punk is characterized by young guys who are incapable of decent vocals, play fast but weak guitars, fast but repetitive drums, and jumping around like a bunch of retards when the bass kicks in. Lyrics usually involve issues popular amongst the teenage community such as girl problems, depression, and how they don't "fit in" because they are "non-conformists" despite the fact they are listening to a form of pop music. Occassionally, they will attempt to sing about political issues but tend to avoid this, as it makes them appear idiotic due to the fact that their opinions are very uneducated.

A pop punk fan will wear predominantly black clothing, that is either way too baggy or way too tight. Pop punkers think it is cool to abstain from bathing or using deoderant, likely because they do not wish to conform by giving "corrupt corporations" such as Ivory and Gillette their money. Accessories include patches, studded bracelets and buttons with creative slogans on them reading, "You laugh because I'm different, I laugh because you're all the same" or "Rap Sucks", despite the fact that the lead singer of Good Charlotte thinks he is black. Pop punkers will sometimes attempt to learn guitar or bass, give up once they have learned the beginning of a Ramones song, and tell people that they are experts and "can play better than Slipknot". Usually hang out in groups, so they are able to not conform together.

Pop punk bands include such acts as Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, Avril Lavigne, Sum41, New Found Glory, and Blink-182 (who is the only one of the above with any talent, personality and innovation, but they have a lot of idiot teeny-bopper fans as described above, and also inspired a lot of bad bands that tried pitifully to copy them). It can sometimes be very difficult to tell one from the other because of their generally whiny vocals and very generic riffs.
We can expect the death of pop punk by 2006...
by Chernorizets Hrabr November 06, 2004
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A punk subgenre, originally introduced in the 1970s, but obtained worldwide commercial success in 1990s and early 2000s, thanks mainly to Green Day, Blink-182, Rancid, and The Offspring.

Most definitions of pop-punk on this site put down several bands, like Simple Plan.

What Pop-punk really is is the fast, loud guitars of punk rock, but with catchy, usually light, melodies. Lyrics aren't meant to be political or angry.

Today's mainstream pop-punk is extremely different from that of the 90s, sounding more like emo, with moody, one-hit bands in hollister sweaters wearing a backwards hat.

The chart-topping bands of 2004 aren't recieving as much attention as before.
Good Pop-Punk:
Green Day

Bad Pop-Punk:
All Time Low
by Extreme Hangman February 07, 2010
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Pop punk is a subgenre of punk played simplistically, but with good melodies. Lyrics have catchy hooks and are usually about love, alienaton, feeling insecure, or whatever the hell random thing the writer wants (Da Stike by Millencolin is about bowling).

Unfortunately, the genre is being ruined by MTV who are telling 14 year old girls that anyone who wears black and has emo-hair is punk. All of these bands are just posers who play watered down versions of the genre for personal gain.

Real pop punk is real punk. In fact, in a way, is more punk than many others because they don't try too hard to be punk. Good pop punk bands will write songs that are the antidote for heartache. Bad pop punk bands make heartache even worse (see emo)
Pop punk: Millencolin (personal fave), Screeching Weasel, Descendants, NOFX, Lagwagon, Rancid, Buzzcocks, Ramones, Blink 182 (Dude Ranch), Green Day (Kerplunk-Nimrod)

Shit: Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, Fall Out Boy, Yellowcard, All American Rejects, Sum 41 (even though I'll admit I like a couple of their songs)

Really really really really not pop punk: Avril Lavigne
by ojuice3112 April 25, 2008
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there is no such thing as "pop-punk" for that would be a contradictory statement of the two opposite energies of the universe.
what it really is is "Modern Punk", just like rock punk has changed for nothing remains the same and people need to except that. it is punk fused with an element of just having fun playing music.

The Cure and The Who and Lou Reed are key influences in the genre of (for sake of requirement) " pop-punk ".
by The Harlequin March 31, 2006
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1. Watered down punk made with the sole purpose of selling it to teenage girls.
2. The worst thing to happen to punk rock since Mick Jones and Joe Strummer split up.
3. What many people think secretly killed Joey Ramone.
Oh my, God! Listen to this pop punk crap!
by Guy who hates pop punk January 29, 2003
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A kind of punk rock with poppy hooks. Often confused with pop.

Examples of pop punk:

Bad Religion
Unwritten Law
Screeching Weasel
The Queers

Example of pop:

Good Charlotte
blink-182 (the only pop band with any talent whatsoever, but spawned a bunch of shitty bands such as the above)
Ryan Cabrera
Simple Plan
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by DJ-BILLZ May 16, 2005
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