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Not all people who listen to it only listen to it because they think it makes them "cool" they listen to it because they like how it sounds.

So F you people, they arent all stupid posers. And they don't all think they're hardcore.
Blink-182, although not punk, is good.
by a pseudonym June 17, 2004
pop-punk is unarguably one of the most confusing and varied genres. ever. everyone knows that punk rock originates from the 80s and kids had mohawks and blah blah blah. then in the 90s, that was still around. but later on bands started making popular punk music. thats basically was it means. its just punk music that is popular. bands like that were blink-182, green day, sum 41, etc. so as time progressed, scene and emo kids came out and then something magical happened. bands like we the kings, mayday parade, all time low started making this "new" pop punk that all those scene kids digged. but without knowing it bands like man overboard, the wonder years etc were being formed. those bands have really made their own pop punk genre. that form of pop punk is really the biggest at the moment and it is its whole phenomenon, like the pizza eating and making tumblr edits and stuff. anyway, behind all of that is the old/new weird pop punk that no one can really explain why its pop punk but it just is, bands like brand new and american football. pop punk can also be hardcore as well like pierce the veil can be put in the 'hardcore still emo in 2013' sorta group but is also in the new pop punk one too. anyway, old pop punk, new pop punk, weird indescribable pop punk, it doesn't matter. its good shit. AND WHATEVER ANYONE SAYS, 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER IS NOT POP PUNK.
first pop punk: blink-182, the ataris, bowling for soup, weezer, green day, sum 41, new found glory, the all american rejects, yellowcard, jimmy eat world, good charlotte

2005-2009 ((scene kids shit)): the academy is..., all time low, boys like girls, we the kings, we are the in crowd, the red jumpsuit apparatus, paramore, panic! at the disco, my chemical romance, mayday parade, mariana's trench, the maine, hit the lights, hey monday, every avenue, fall out boy, cute is what we aim for

hardcore pop punk: sleeping with sirens, SECRETS, pierce the veil, a day to remember, get scared, ghost town

indescribable: american football, brand new, say anything, taking back sunday

modern 'popular': the front bottoms, tigers jaw, joyce manor, man overboard, the story so far, neck deep, state champs, major league, modern baseball, real friends, transit, touche amore, basement, handguns, citizen, the wonder years, seahaven, front porch step, tonight alive, all time low

im probably forgetting tons of bands but yea you get the picture
by baeley July 29, 2014
A fusion genre of pop and punk rock music, combining elements from the genre to create softer subjects of music while keeping the loud and anarchy-inspired noise of the punk rock. Before the 21st Century, it was quite unpopular and unknown to most, but has recently been given more notice by the rise of Warped Tour type bands such as All Time Low and The Wonder Years. Bands such as Green Day and blink-182 helped to popularize this genre and maybe even create it themselves. Pop Punk of this decade, however has been sounding more terrible as it is progressing with the horrible Warped Tour bands mentioned above, as they're turning it into a contradiction, since punk is anti-mainstream and pop is the definition of mainstream music.
Scene Teen: Hayy girl did you hear ATL's new song?
Scene Teen 2: omg yasss I loved it!!
True Punkrocker: If you're gonna listen to pop punk at least don't listen to the shitty type.
by Punk is Love Punk is Life May 10, 2014
To be pop punk you have to be chill as frick.

You listen to real friends, wonder years, man overboard, being as an ocean, title fight, brand new, neck deep, la dispute, etc.
Most pop punk people say "stay posi" and eat pizza.
Person 1: Did you see that girl?

Person 2: yeah man, she's so pop punk!
by Nippleweed December 03, 2013
Pop punk is a subgenre of punk played simplistically, but with good melodies. Lyrics have catchy hooks and are usually about love, alienaton, feeling insecure, or whatever the hell random thing the writer wants (Da Stike by Millencolin is about bowling).

Unfortunately, the genre is being ruined by MTV who are telling 14 year old girls that anyone who wears black and has emo-hair is punk. All of these bands are just posers who play watered down versions of the genre for personal gain.

Real pop punk is real punk. In fact, in a way, is more punk than many others because they don't try too hard to be punk. Good pop punk bands will write songs that are the antidote for heartache. Bad pop punk bands make heartache even worse (see emo)
Pop punk: Millencolin (personal fave), Screeching Weasel, Descendants, NOFX, Lagwagon, Rancid, Buzzcocks, Ramones, Blink 182 (Dude Ranch), Green Day (Kerplunk-Nimrod)

Shit: Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, Fall Out Boy, Yellowcard, All American Rejects, Sum 41 (even though I'll admit I like a couple of their songs)

Really really really really not pop punk: Avril Lavigne
by ojuice3112 April 25, 2008
The only music genre where the performers are as awkward and clumsy as the kids who listen to it
Hey All Time Low is a pop punk band
by trolololbitches July 27, 2012
basically, pop punk are popular punk bands such as blink-182, green day, sum41 etc...
thats how the "pop" got into punk.. cause its popular punk music.. well thats my meaning of it so yeah...
chick: omg! blink 182 is like totally hardcore punk!
dude: your fucking stupid.. blink is pop punk meaning popular than most punk bands
chick: uhmm.. no they're not my friend told me they are hardcore punk
dude: here's a bat.. think as if your friend is a piñata..
by yougaysonofabetch December 23, 2009