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- Blink 182 (their old stuff is punk, everything from their first album onwards is crap)
- New Found Glory
- Good Charlotte
- Simple Plan
- All-American Rejects

among many others.
People call bands like these "pop punk", when in reality, they're mostly just pop with a very slight punk-like sound.

Also, some would call Avril Lavigne pop punk, when in reality, she doesn't even remotely sound like punk at all. She does, however, "dress punk", to the annoyance of those who do listen to punk.
True "pop punk" is actually punk with a slightly softer sound and more melody, such as Millencolin, Dillinger Four, etc, NOT Blink 182...
by golana June 20, 2004
A style of punk which features catchier tunes than regular punk, and simple 3-4 chord riffs.
Screeching Weasel, The Queers, Mr. T Experience, The Descendents, The Ramones, Bouncing Souls, and the Teen Idols are pop-punk. Blink 182, Sum 41, Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, and New Found Glory are not.
by Tradd June 05, 2004
Not considered to be Punk music. Punk died, but lives on in music that claims only to be rock ‘n’ roll plain and simple and straight from the garage. Punk exists now only in spirit and is not something you can purchase at Hot Topic.

Among Christian lore there is supposed to be a Christ, and then in various sects of Christianity there is the Anti-Christ. Well in this case…

Punk = Christ
Pop-Punk = Anti-Christ

Oh, and Rancid is not Punk just because Tim Armstrong had a Mohawk.
I blame the Descendants for the lame format later to be established as the current template for pop-punk artists’ success.
by Cpt. Buttcheek March 22, 2008
Boy bands with electric instruments. People who listen to Pop Punk have never heard real punk bands like The Offspring, or Green Day. Wait a second. They have heard of both bands, unfortuanately both bands have sold out to this disgrace. Darn it all.

BTW, How the hell did Avril Lavigne fall under Punk.
Pop Punk Fan: I went to a B182 concert. I'm so punk.

Me: No you're not. I bet you have never heard of great bands like The Offspring or Green Day.

Pop Punk Fan: Yes I have, I just bought American Idiot.

Me: Oh wait, I forgot. Both bands suck now. I hate idiots who think that pop has a place in punk.

by Okita-Kun September 18, 2005
A very good music genre or subgenre. Instrumentals sound like a watered down punk, vocals sound somewhat like pop. People who listen to this do NOT shop at Hot Topic as assumed by many. People who listen who listen to this dress either white ghetto, preppy, sporty, or just jeans and a shirt. Sadly the famous Pop Punkers try to look punk :(

This music is not listened to by weird, dressed in all black, rejected, suicidal FREAKS. Although those freaks often tend to make fun of and bash Pop-Punk, all I have to say to them is get a life and stop slitting your wrists. The only reason Pop-Punkers "sellout" to MTV is because they arent afraid to show their faces on mtv, because unlike real punks they are not freaks.
Examples of really awesome Pop-Punk bands: blink-182, Sum 41

pretty good Pop-Punk bands: yellowcard, simple plan, good charlotte, new found glory

btw Millencolin (skatepunk) and Green Day (punk) and offspring (punk) are really awesome too.
by Kangol April 20, 2005
not to be cofused with pop rock with a punk influance, blink 182, good charlotte ect. pop-punk is simply punk rock with more of a melodic pop sound, like bad religion or the bouncing souls
bad religion are the grand-dads of pop-punk
by jack January 20, 2004
Contrary to popular belief, pop-punk is not neccesarily shit like Good Charlotte. It is actually a more medolic punk. Think The Descendants, Bouncing Souls, Screeching Weasels, yes, even The Ramones.

Although, someone using the word is probabbly referring to shit bands like Good Charlotte, Newfoundglory and Brand New.
*Also not to be confused with the similiar yet SLIGHTLY less bad "skate-punk" (nofx, goldfinger, rancid)
Dude 1: "Hey man, have you heard the new Descendants? It's fuckin' sweet!"
Some chick with studded cuffs up to her elbows: "OMGZ!! I JUST HEARD DA NEW BRAND NEW, JESSE IS SO SEX-C!1! PXNK RAWKZ FOR EVAH!"
by suspect device June 03, 2004